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Story of a Girl

Updated on September 21, 2017

Dedicated for all daughters out there. It doesn't matter if nobody loves you; you can love yourself. It's ok to love yourself.

Everybody dislike her, even her own mother

She never loved by her own father

Well, actually, nobody loves her

In her family, she's an unwanted daughter

She's nothing compared to her brother

In school, she's nothing but a banter

She's trying to find something to make her better

She wrote down how she feels in a letter

Wrote down lots of questions that have no answer

She often sitting there at the night

All alone, hoping someone will hold her tight

And hoping everything will be alright

But she know something is not right

In fact, nothing is right

She's not clever, she's not bright

All her dreams are out of sight

She keeps looking low and high

Not even a single dream come to light

She's struggle with all she might

Trying hard to win the fight

But what does she got? Nothing but a big fright

In the end, when she's tired of cried

When hope no longer abide

She decide to commit suicide

Later, they find her lying in her bed side

Her blood is stagnant wide

Her face is already white

Well, what more can I say? She's already died


I do not condone suicide. It is not a solution. It might seems an easy way out, but believe me, it's more rewarding to continue the fight.

If you are struggling with suicide, or know someone that is, please please please, reach out for help. Don't suffer alone.

You can even drop me a message. I'm not a professional, but I've been through my own dark times and I'll be glad to talk to you.


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    • 360hub profile image

      the global hub of learning 10 years ago from Molde

      ...a sad poem...

      DREAMS and VISION.

      Embodied meaning in details.

      Melancholy of the brain.

      A smile on the forehead.

      A thank to the stomac.

      An inner smile of mystery.