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Straight Talk about "Vanished"

Updated on August 29, 2009

Vanished by Katheryn Mackel

Vanished by Kathryn Mackel Published by Realms


On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being The Lord of the Rings, or Gone With the Wind or Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, I give this a 6.5

I bought this book because I had already read Mackel’s The Surrogate and The Departed. Mackel is a very gifted writer. One of the things I look for in fiction, in particular because I have been a reader of non-fiction most of my life – is the all important character development. There are differing views about this – understandably, many believe plot development is far more important.

For me, if I’m going to spend my time that is very precious to me, reading a book, I must care about the characters first. It is essential the author creates characters that seem real for me to stay with any novel no matter what the genre or plot.

Make me care about the characters and you’ve got me turning the pages until the end regardless of how complex or simple the plot may be. Otherwise, I’d much rather pick up non-fiction with real people in it and spend my time reading.

Mackel creates major and secondary characters you care about and want to read more about. She makes them come alive, and that’s why I read her books.

In Vanished she does it again for me, and as they say, it was a page turner. The back cover tells us, “A terrorist’s bomb. A rouge experiment. An impenetrable mist. And no one is coming to help…”

I was intrigued simply by reading the back cover. The story inside did not disappoint and I was on the edge of my seat when I was reading through each page.

Having said all of that, it would seem I could give this book a solid 8 however there is one major flaw. Mackel made this book number 1 in a series, and the second book hasn’t been written or published yet.

I’ve read many books that were part of a series and have had no problem if the next in the series has yet to be written. That is IF the book I’ve read neatly brings the major plot lines together. With this book, essentially nothing was resolved in the end. The reader is literally left hanging as if one found her manuscript on a desk unfinished and picked it up to read anyway.

So my advice is wait for the next in the series before spending your money and time on this one. Then take a chance because otherwise, this story is a great ride!


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