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Strategic Steps To Take When Building an Authors Promotional and Marketing Plan

Updated on July 2, 2016
Sundaymoments profile image

Mr. Matthew Q. Dawson is a native Texan. He spent his childhood and young adulthood residing in Austin, Texas.

How many times as an Author have you struggled to get your name known but finally had decided to give up?

If this is your attitude then you most certainly should quite writing and jump into another line of business. Though writing is hard and becoming known through your writing is even harder; one cannot give up.

I have laid out some promotional and marketing techniques below that will help “The Author” better strategize within their marketing and promotional plans. Below you will find some marketing steps to better help you “The Author” achieve their marketing goals:

  • Build a promotional strategy
  • Build an email campaign list
  • Post inserts of your book (s) throughout the World Wide Web
  • Book trailers are a wonderful tool to implement throughout the Net spreading the word about you and your book (s)
  • Be pro Active on FaceBooks; begin a fan page; Inviting others to follow you throughout your fan pages
  • Start a private social cause site (Showing others that you as an Author do have a personal and emotional side of yourself and that you are willing to express your heart openly)
  • Get involved in many activist campaigns also Join other artistic social sites (This shows to your readers, followers, and other community leaders that you are interested in your community and have the desire to be involved in helping the community out)
  • Send a copy of your book to local radio stations asking them to give 3 minutes of their air time (When you send the production manager your book also include a letter inviting them to interview you in regards to your chosen profession)
  • Go and talk to your local library offering them an opportunity to host you (A Local Author) as a guest speaker and then an hour of book signings
  • Join local Social Community Affairs (Or Events) asking to come to speak on behalf of your profession

  • Prepare business cards with your Authors website’s URL address and a picture of your most recent book cover. (Think of a catchy slogan that will direct potential readers to your author’s website.
  • Stay Active within the social media websites this will only lead an Author to market success.
  • Own your own Blog Site; publicly owned blog sites are great, however by owning and maintaining your own established blog site, the author will find that his/her readers will see them as having more credibility as a writing professional.
  • Never forget to blog, use your keywords that fit your books genre. Find a blog niche that will also follow your books genre and your writing style. By doing this, you will have begun to allow the crawlers to recognize your keywords combined with your books title and content (end result from your book (s) having a stronger position throughout the Search engines.
  • Be diligent in email marketing; send out emails updating your followers on upcoming events as well as upcoming book releases. Send out Professionally made broacher's newsletters this will only help in building a fan based following; this all will equal in a stronger and more reliable strategic marketing plan.

These are just a few steps that a Self-Publishing Author can take when trying to build their own promotional campaign. Though success is extremely difficult for The Self-Published Author the author can find it. The Self-Publishing Author must be willing to be determined; using their imaginative skills within each one of their promotional marketing techniques and plans.


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  • christopheranton profile image

    Christopher Antony Meade 6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

    Very useful tips. But if you do even half of them, when do you find the time to write?

  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    Good advice but I am still something of a novice at the online world.I'll have to go a step at a time.

  • Steven C Bradley profile image

    Steven C Bradley 6 years ago

    Wow, outstanding tips of the trade, Matthew. I read every word and I intend to implement every point! I have faced total frustration and malaise, but I have never wanted to give up. Writing, for me, is the same as breathing. Sometimes the air is stale, but you you have to breathe to live another day! Writing is that way because if it does not work today, it can work tomorrow or the next day. I just always feel, all I need is to get my material into the right hands and before the right set of eyes and then the amazing stories I have written will have their day. It is people like you who keep people like me heading down the right roads. Thank you for your willingness to share your secrets that have made you a success! - Steven