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Street Dance: A Short Story

Updated on June 11, 2017
Plexiana profile image

Melissa obtained her B.S. degree in Natural Resource Management, minoring in Biology. She enjoys creative writing, art, and gardening.


Street fairs always remind me of childhood since that is when I was most likely to frequent one of these great neighborhood parties. Parties where loud music, street food, carnival rides, and fireworks were likely the stars of the show. These were summer’s greatest get togethers where all your summertime friends would pop up, and you’d gorge yourself on snacks and rides until it was time for the show to start.

One summer evening, this show was a live band complete with open street dancing and the singers were mixing it up with some country music, my favorite. On the shy side, I usually don’t get out there dancing unless I’m with a large group, but tonight, I was feeling reckless. Bravery was coursing through my veins. I’d ridden on several of the scarier carnival rides and my heart was still pumping from the rush. So when the band started playing my favorite song, I didn’t wait for my friends. I ran right out into the street and started dancing, I started out alone, but that didn’t last long. A boy I didn’t recognize joined me and he began to twirl me, until the two of danced alone and with abandon in front of the crowd.

I’d never considered myself a good dancer, but tonight I felt spectacular! My friends were in shock, and the crowd seemed pleased with us, enough so that no one wanted to interrupt our wild dancing! We danced and danced, spinning and twirling, until the song came to an end. The crowd went wild for us, even the band gave us a standing ovation! Embarrassed, yet pleased we both bowed and curtsied respectfully and then headed off into our own directions.

I never saw that boy again and never wanted to. That moment was special, and I only had room in my head for one special moment like that, besides together we could never have found a way to top it. It was our pivotal moment and the only reason for our meeting. Any further introduction might have ruined the special privilege we had in sharing a dance.

Street fairs always remind me of childhood.


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    • Plexiana profile image

      Melissa 4 months ago from United States

      Thank you for reading it!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 4 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Thank you for sharing that special once only encounter. A moment to remember.