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Stretching To The Limit

Updated on September 25, 2014

Doing What Makes Me Happy

When I am in work I am busy

No time to think

Making sure I do my job the best of my ability

On slow times I try to listen to other people

See what's on there mind

I am a lot older than most of my coworkers

So their life is so different than mine

I often wonder why I never thought like them when I was their age

Times have changed

People have also changed

When I was in college it was all about work and school

More hours more money

Squeezing all I could in every moment

Finding cheap places to eat when hungry

Catching some sleep

Trying to pay what little bills I had

Working my butt off to make life easier later

Then waiting for years to pass

To see if it all panned out

Did I make the right choices ?

I had no idea I would later move to another state

My job then would later turn into my career

My health would never give me any trouble so I am blessed

The love for the person I wanted would fade

We both would move on and marry someone else

I would build a new home from the ground up

In my spare time I would devote myself to writing

Three hours of every day would be in the car driving

With no children and just one cat named Charlette

I would be the happiest I have ever been

Who new ?

Things have a funny way of turning out

Now let me look another thirty years to my future

What will I be doing different then ?

As long we are both able to stay healthy and happiness is a stones throw away

All things will work out

Then one day we are both put to rest

I would say

We lived and tried our best

Laughed more than we cried

That was our life

As husband and wife


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Nagul I appreciate you visiting my hub but I think this comment was meant for someone else. I hope your day goes well.

    • profile image

      Nagui 2 years ago

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