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Striving- A Poem

Updated on February 29, 2012
The journey is everything
The journey is everything

Striving- a Poem

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

To the loser go the spoils,

the lessons that life at no expense, affords.

to the winner the shallow reward of dominance,

and the hardship of belief in it.

To the loser the rationalisation of the journey,

the beauty of experience without result.

To the winner the illusion of superiority,

the pain of contradiction,

and the abstinence of truth.

Striving for gain not understanding,

is a painful lesson, one of sacrifice,

allowing distance from reality.

Lost in the process, lives misplace

love and compassion, to a lesser God,

only to discover the contradiction.

It is wise to see all sides before commitment

to a path of wasted tears.

Truth has a way of finding you out.

At the end of time,

it will be a sad to realise that the journey was the answer,

and the results of striving are without substance.

Self-investment in our capacity to understand and learn,

is worth the seeking, the truth as a consequence.


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