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Stroll in Woods

Updated on January 19, 2017

Stroll in the Woods

Venturing into the woods,
I felt so good;
Enthralled by the
enchanting landscape;
All I did was stand and gape.

Strolling by the canopy of trees,
Streaks of light filtered through the leaves,
Cool breeze wafting through my hair,
Caressing my soft neck,
I tread upon the carpet of flowers,
Formed by orange,pink and purple flowers,
Inhaling the fragrance,
Oh, What an ambience!
Truly a scenic grandeur and elegance.

Amidst the tranquility and serene surroundings,
The chirping of birds was resounding,
Humming of the bees,
Rustle of the leaves,
Water trickling from the stream,
All together like a melodic theme.

There by the river I stood,
Wow!,The feel was good,
Brimming with clear and pristine water,
Ducks waddling in the river,
Beautifully ornated by bright ethereal unfurling petals of the lotus,
So tempted was I to throw a few pebbles,
Excited to cause ripples,
Stepping into the water with bare heels,
What a refreshing feel,
Splashing cold water on my face,
Oh,what a craze!

As the sun began to set,
The world grew darker,
Beckoning to retrace my steps,
With a heavy heart I set,
But alas!,disturbed by the thought,
When this beautiful landscape,
Would become a victim of man's tyranny,
But that indeed is irony.

Veena Girish.


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