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Stuard land-fill

Updated on October 5, 2012

A huge hill..,

Filled to the gills...

In a world full of skills...

Skilled labor skilled slave'or,


save our space,

our stewardship is a disgrace,

this is hour place, humans race,

there's a dump sh!tting right in our face,

fed daily by the crap we waste,

garbage I know, but when do we change,

do we continue down this path forever... Til' the end of days,

I say no fukin' way,

we're smarter in so many ways,

weighs we cant even dream of,

feathers of a dove,

hearts full balanced with love,

truth is what we speak of,

of speak we... What is truth,

cut a rug,

dance around without a shrug, turn it up in the booth, hug,

record this track back to back, the deck may bee stacked so I'm goin' with 33, all in... Craps, I see

Four the future....



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