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Student success paper

Updated on October 22, 2013

Student success topic

Student success is very important to me. I always strive to do more and want to finish what I have started. Persistence is one the topics I use for my student success. When I am persistent, I can be able to be finishing what I have started. If I quit, I would regret it and find excuses to not do it anymore. I always motivate myself by thinking positive and telling myself I can do it. There are distractions around me sometimes, but I can always finish on time. There is an online submission from the Pell Grant program that talks about the outcomes of first-year persisting students. I chose this article, because it shows that first-year students who are full time have higher persistence rates in college than people who are part time. The article refers to people with Pell grants, their finances, and work schedules. It also says that it depends on the major they are working on.

The article also talks about the outcomes of persistence by the student characteristics. In the article states that “FYPs, or First-Year Persisting students, who started college full-time had second-year persistence rates of 72 percent, compared with 66 percent for those starting part-time.”(Page 1) It also continued in the third year, but it closed the gap and changed to 44 percent. Persistence always drives me to finish what I am doing. Since I am a full-time student, I think I can work hard to be able to get my degree. Even if I was a part-time student, I think I can work even harder to get my degree. If it takes a long time, it would not matter to me, because I do not give up on anything. I chose this picture because it shows you should stick with what you do.

Prioritize is another topic that I have chosen, because it is important to need a schedule to do my schoolwork and to spend time with my family. You need to have time to study and to be able to not anything distract you. I do not always have a written schedule with me, because I like to plan things in my head. When I plan things in my head, I start to worry and I would not be able to sleep at night. When I plan and write it down, I am more successful at the things I do. The journal article that I chose for this topic talks about how people are successful when they discipline themselves and have a schedule to succeed.

I chose this journal article, because I look at it as a motivation tool also. My major is English and that is part of the Liberal Education. I chose the picture below, because of how it describes to schedule your plans. The article talks about what is important to college students and what they can do to be successful in Liberal Education. A campaign called LEAP (Liberal Education and America’s Promise) used eight study groups from both public and private universities to explore their goals, expectations and hopes. It also talks about what they did to make sure that these things were made like their attitude towards liberal learning and sense of maturity. My attitude towards learning is very positive. When you have a great attitude with your schoolwork, you feel good about yourself and you can succeed.

Think is another topic I chose, because you have to be able to think specifically before you do anything. I like thinking critically, because I see things that I can do without being impulsive. If I have a presentation or paper to write, I like to think about what I can research and how I can make sure the audience, the instructor and/or the reader understands it. Even with other classmates, we have to think critically to be able to be specific of our topic and understanding. The article that I chose for this topic talks about student relationships with other students and faculty and how they motivate each other. I chose this article because in this class, we motivate each other to succeed and we give each other positive feedback and opinions on what we think on a topic.

The article talks about how teachers, administrations and counselors can motivate the students by giving them good critical thinking skills. The article also talks about a study of how students have a wide variety of factors. Also that critical thinking is very important when it comes to higher learning. I chose this picture below, because it best describes the important factors of critical thinking. You need to be specific in your mind so it can be understandable when you say it out loud or write it on paper

Learn is another topic I chose for this paper, because learning is really one of the main reasons why you go to school. My goal for student success is to learn new things while I am getting my degree. Even though my major is English, I like to take other subjects that I am interested in to see what I am good at. This subject is what we talked about in class to know how we learn and what we are good at. The article that I chose is about students can improve with their learning process. The article talks about how a college professor uses a technique called ‘self-regulated learning’ to see how students study. The instructor reviewed an algebra quiz the students took before and they all failed. So they used the technique so the students can evaluate how they study and what they did wrong.

I chose this article, because it shows that whatever you are used to doing when you are studying can help you or it can distract you. When I study, I have my own methods of studying and it is effective for me. I like to be in the quiet but sometimes I do not like it to be too quiet so I listen to music while I am studying; because that is the only noise I want to hear. My house can be pretty noisy sometimes and I have tried studying while all the noise is going on. It really distracts me and cannot get anything done, so I put on my music to not hear anything else but my music. I like noise but not so much noise surrounding me, because I get confused. I chose this picture below for this topic, because it really describes what I do when I am learning.


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