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Stuff christians say #1: I'm in search of my spiritual gift

Updated on August 7, 2012

You may have heard it at church. Maybe you heard it from someone avoiding church while searching for their gift. This Christian saying is prevalent in many Christian circles. Let's talk about what they don't mean. They don't mean they are looking for their gift as described in the Bible: teaching, healing, evangelism, prophecy, etc. ....No, that would be too mainstream. These wonderful believers are often in search of a hip new gift. One lady once told me she was blessed with the gift of partying. Today's spiritual gifts may include, but are not limited to: dancing, rapping, fighting, banjo-picking, graphic design, sarcasm, graffiti, Reality TV watching, jump-roping, lying (huh?), etc...oh and don't forget picketing at political rallies (Jesus was always doing that...sarcasm)

These days it's really confusing what's really a gift, and what isn't. If it feels good, it must be a spiritual gift.

Of course, many pastors have the spiritual gift of funny sign messages. I know one guy who said people in town know their church as the "funny sign church." What a reputation! I wonder what Jesus would put on His church sign? No doubt, it would be hilarious. I think Paul mentioned Jesus' incredible sense of humor in third Maccabees (sarcasm). Remember, spiritual gifts aren't supposed to be Biblical (sarcasm), just enjoyable.


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