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Style Templets

Updated on October 7, 2008

So you think your ready???

One of the most difficult things about Graffiti is figuring out the type of style that you plan to write/draw/paint. There are so many different types of styles in the world it is absolutely ridiculous! But, for now we will work with the basic well known styles so you can take a whack at it.


Soft Letter Style

Shadow Style using 3D effects

Puzzle Style

Flava Style

Wild Style

Bubble Style

Wavy Style

Jagged Style

Subway Style

Etc...The list could go on and on and on. At the bottom of this capsule are pictures of these different styles and are labeled for your convenience. These are all examples thanks to Mr.Wiggles.(

Trying to figure out which style works best for you is trying them all. Of course you will look at Flava Style and be blown away due to its intricacies and creativity, but soon enough and with enough practice you could create something as amazing as that.


Soft Style
Soft Style
Shadow 3D Style
Shadow 3D Style
Shadow 3D style
Shadow 3D style
Puzzle Style
Puzzle Style
Flava Wild Style
Flava Wild Style
Flava Wild Style
Flava Wild Style
Bubble Style
Bubble Style
Wavy Style
Wavy Style
Jagged Style
Jagged Style
Subway Style
Subway Style

In the Beginning

Lets start shall we? You don't need to have previous art experience or be a master artists to begin but I will say that it can help drastically. I have had friends that have been into Graffiti but when they try to draw or find their own style, it doesn't work out so well.


First you'll need something to save what you draw in. I suggest what many Graffiti artists call a black book. A black book is a great way to work on your style, your lines, your lettering, blocking, everything! Not only is this good for your own personal advancement, but it helps keep your art organized which I can't stress enough is very important. Black books can come in different sizes but don't get carried away buying the biggest one if your just starting, Graffiti might not be up your alley. Black books should be filled with plain white paper. If you prefer something with lines, go for it, but in the end, the plain white no lined paper is best. Another great reason to have a black book is so that you can judge whether or not your developing new styles and better lines over time. Sign your artwork even if you think its crap. Date it as well, you never know when you might have to refer back to it.

Secondly make sure you have pencils, mechanical pencils, some pens, a highlighter, a permanent marker(fat and small) and a big eraser.

Thirdly don't rush! Take your time to write out the alphabet, consider how they are formed, and think of ways of making them look abstract or different. Refer back to the different types of styles you can use as examples to give you an idea of how lines should be formed. Practice Practice Practice!!!

Fourthly decide on a name that you want to write. Be sure to research the name you choose before you get too carried away just in case there is already an artists using that name and one who has published works. I suggest using google to see if you can find anything. Refer back to my links and see if you find anything there. It is very very important that you develop your own ideas and style.


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    • profile image

      freaka 4 years ago

      how can i write this!

    • profile image

      ali butt 5 years ago

      write photo

    • profile image 5 years ago you can paste free or primium ads

    • profile image

      mina nguyen 6 years ago

      great job!!!

    • profile image

      jhan francoO 6 years ago

      taA piOolaA eEl graAffitis ´pzZ< ?

    • profile image

      sof 6 years ago

      moi je les aimes bien sa va

    • Noah Breeze profile image

      Noah Breeze 8 years ago

      I don't usually worry about soft styles so just do whatever makes u happy ;)

    • profile image

      thane 8 years ago

      do you have soft style with all letters? please man i relally need it..

    • profile image

      diki 8 years ago

      very good work ^_- well done !

    • profile image

      yuyu 8 years ago

      its not so good, i think so i don't if it si is , u never know lol hahha ,sorry voor that stopes comment

    • profile image

      meizoner 8 years ago

      perso j'aime pas trop l'alphabet orange il me fait penser a graffiticreator(powaaaa)

      les autres sont bien


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