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Subject To Your Interpretation

Updated on February 21, 2012

Where leaves may gather
The wind will soon rise
For the weight of conformity
Brings haste to freedom's demise

You say Lucifer has intercepted grace
Disguising it as a shade tree of a tallish sort
Planted in my mind so he may lay about
To enjoy the coolness of salvations thwart

You say the emotion for the tree of life
No longer springs from my own fountain
Though it mimics my love for you long ago
I am asked to convert my blessing to shame

Is the answer only that which you approve?
Have I abdicated my mind to you or God?
What blessing has been bestowed upon you
That you now walk the ground that Paul trod?

The invitation to Lucifer’s rising
Was hand delivered by you
And the meaning that I fail to discern
Is only because you block my view

If my grace has now been amended
With good works subject to your review
Then I fear I must take the leap of faith
That whoever really knows can see around you


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