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Subprime loan - a poem

Updated on January 17, 2010

Subprime loan - redistributed stolen lines

According to the theory of transcendental evolution

The non-local interconnectedness distribution is not strictly homogenous

The subject of psychokenesis is a virtual non-starter

Consciousness would be localised inside the skull

So these electron symmetries, as Bohm called them, or

Cartesian quadrants syncopated into rhythmic strings,

Collapsed the dimensional hinges, de-localising the zeitgeist,

And would necessitate enlarged gonadic Viking expeditions

Bankrolled by Mrs Entwhistle’s purse engorged with gold dabloons –

The stratigraphical occurrences of non-ammonoid cephalopods in the Late-Silurian

And, more worringly, Great White Shark monsters outside J.P.Morgan

Enticing mammalian fauna, conjured the slight of hand inside the interglacical.

The Greeks had a name for this creature - Enkelados

Child of Gaia fertilized by the blood of castrated Ouranos

But inframarginal borrowers with different default risks can,

Through the intergenerational transmission of inequality,

Realise a net present value inherent in the cadence of silage   

This is alchemy pure and simple


And, above all, my leopard gecko is not well.



A friend works at Merril Lynch in London, when I asked him about the financial instruments that had caused the great meltdown, he said that he had looked at them and didn't understand how they worked or, more to the point, how they could work - so in his job as a financial adviser he had never advised his clients to invest in the weird packages that lead to the bust. Apparently, during the time of the boom his department was looked upon as boring - now he has had the last laugh, as his section, because of his Scottish common sense, has survived whereas many others have walked out the door holding their box of stationery.


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    • hotspur profile image

      hotspur 7 years ago from England

      Thanks Sherbet, glad you enjoyed the poem.

    • hotspur profile image

      hotspur 8 years ago from England

      Always forget about the bleeding quantum basic! concerned about your brother...?!?...yes love Big Bang Theory too, Sheldon's world seems less complicated than ours, more orderly. Thanks for reading Nell and watch you don't get too near that swan, they bite you know?

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 8 years ago from England

      Got that, yeah, got that too, but you forgot to mention about the quantum dimensionality causation aquiring the sub atomic particles from string theory equates the event horizon in the singularity, causing the big bang and bubble dimensions.... I don't know you are slipping aren't you? yeah huh... ps you sound like my brother!!! pps, I love the Big bang theory! sheldons a legend ! cheers Nell

      ppps I know it wasn't about that, but I couldn't resist.....!

    • Sherbet Penny profile image

      Sherbet Penny 8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Great stuff and information, also love the photos on the side.

    • hotspur profile image

      hotspur 8 years ago from England

      Thanks Micky Dee - keep watching those squirrels and feathery ones.

      Hey Larry, if you pop over the pond there's a cornershop down a sidestreet; if you wink at the man and give him the secret handshake enclosed with a tenner, he'll give you the stuff - of course, I'm too health conscious to inhale but it gives me something to do with my hands.

    • maven101 profile image

      maven101 8 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Not sure what you are smoking, but I want some..! Larry

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Great job again. Thank you sir.