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Subsconsciousness to Mindfulness

Updated on January 26, 2016
Layers of Mind
Layers of Mind | Source

The Taoist Way

Sub consciousness to Mindfulness

My subconscious soul rides without my knowing,

Travels here and there,

Weaving a connection from one soul to another through invisible threads,

Communes in silence

Carrying the imprints of your memory

Changing thoughts, ideas and beliefs

Without awareness, I sometimes behave like you

I follow wherever my instinct takes me,

Fighting the dark, Paving my way like the wise taoist

I reach to you to gain an ultimate knowledge

A clear vision finally as if the sun rise in the misty cloud

I now know, neither you nor I

But only an ethereal energy folding us

Now I know, I am not

I is only a medium, carrying energy that travels

To dissolve into an ocean, to get united into one

Where neither you nor I remains

Meets like life and death

Like the angels and devils dwelling together without opposing

For they know, they are one and the same

Being wise, I choose none

So I am free! I am mindful of the tricks!

I know to see the changeless and formless

Bestowed by the ultimate wisdom

I can see the truth.

Still sometimes my soul flies and travels

But I know to witness but remain detached

No more a wanderer, found the destiny, Happy journey!


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