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Substitute words for emotions

Updated on November 10, 2010

Like I know what is right,
But still don't know what is wrong...
So misunderstood,
Like the beats to this song,

Just figured out what life has thrown,
No ways to depend so I'm on my own,
Never again will I be the one played,
Like a record from back in the day,

I'll never let my heart again be the speaker for me,
Just gotta be head strong and life will always be,
Freedom from despair and the pain that I'm feeling,
Another love is gone so I'm in musical healing,

The Immensity of f**k I could give right now,
Is no where to be found so I sing on how,
Lovers never hate but will always f**king break,
That one thing you felt thought to be love....

I swear sometimes it's so unthinkable to think,
So unreasonable to sink inside my mind an wonder,
Wonder about the days when life was f**king great,
But I'm stuck in the dark like some kid at the park,
At one o'clock in the morning...

Better stop here 'cause I'm runnin' outta room,
To substitute words for emotions...


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