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Substituting Our Emotions For Theirs

Updated on May 6, 2013

No matter how far we have traveled
No matter what we have discovered
We remain as children
For what they do reminds of a past we no longer live

Watching the children play
Preparing them to cope with our world
We tell them life is not fair
Yet who perpetuates the things we hope God will forgive?

It is as if there is no hope except to pray
So we harden their hearts
For there will be demons to slay

Love that is natural gives way to what is wild
When cultivated by those seeking riches
For what demons are born inside of a child?

No matter how far we have traveled
No matter what we have discovered
Civilization is only a pretense
Because hate is the legacy that remains from the past

Watching the adults play
Learning how they rule the world
They pretend to be fair
Yet what our children hear are words that will never last

Who breaks the chain
That ties their minds?
Who will make our children sane?

We teach them our emotion
So they can reject their own
But do we only pass on what is broken?

No matter how many victories
No matter how much money
What can be accumulated
Will vanish into dust

Watching humans play
Trying to escape from their world
They pretend to know
But fail to live by what is just

What is taught
Is for this world only
What is rejected cannot be bought

Inside of hearts that are closed
The weeping of the poor is washed away
Can this really be what God supposed?


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      A truly wonderful share and I vote up plus share all around .

      Great words for sure.