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Suburban Housewife

Updated on May 17, 2015

Suburban Housewife

The rainy day did not hamper five feet seven inch tall brunette woman making her way to the local grocery. The weather was unseasonably cool and damped, the water filled the streets; engulfing the roadways with the excessiveness of clogging waters. The clouds started to paved their way for the Sun to exposed itself before people down below the upper reaches of atmosphere. But the rain kept falling, letting it loose on the tightened cluttering of moisture . The woman drove her foreign made SUV onto the spacious grocery parking space, where the organic growers sell their products. The thirty something attractive woman placed her car gear on a park and walked inside of blustering grocery. There was noise coming from every angle, and the woman had difficulty concentrating on her task. She pushed the metal cart slowly, as she observed each displayed of produced and vegetable, examining whether any of them will be to her liking. Then her phone, covered in a wondrous color protective gear, rang.


“Hi Alexia. What are you doing?”

“I am at JYG grocery doing some shopping. What a horrible day! I cannot believe the weather is so damp and cold. When it’s going to warm up?”

“I know, other reason to complain. So what are doing afterwards? Do you know Jack? From the green street? Who is a stay home dad? Well, he and I are going to meet up at the Ray’s cafe for a lunch, are you interested joining us?”

“Ah…yea I know him. What time are you guys going to lunch? I will be done within an hour.”

“We are meeting at noon. Ok, it means I will see then?.”

“Ok Lindsey. Thanks for the invite.”

The phones were disconnected simultaneously. The intermingling sequenced methodically; there was a pattern in which how they interacted; quick and firm. Alexia moved about her ways in the grocery exactly as she had imagined. She knew every items she wanted to choose and take them to the register: half pound of celery, one batch of cabbage, two large sticks of carrots, a pound of lattice, two pounds of banana, pint of blueberry, and then on to dairy products, half gallon of milk, half dozen assorted fruity yogurt and so on. There was nothing unordinary during this midweek day. Just another day of her conducting her chore of buying the goods to fill the refrigerators after dropping her 4 year old daughter at the daycare center. This was her life, mundane activities of perpetual motion. Alexia, after the unprepared food items were paid, she drove out from the parking lot and directed to her home.

The time pressed Alexia’s concern; desiring to avoid the embarrassment of being late to the lunch. She thought she had organized her time accordingly, believing that she will have a plenty time to spare when she left the JYG grocery, but after she placed the food items inside of the refrigerator, the time passed before her in unconscious unawareness on her perceptivity. She grabbed her SUV key that was lying on the kitchen counter and hurriedly gotten inside of her car and drove away. The Ray’s cafe was three miles away in this spacious lands, where each town was connected without any perceptible townships’ lines, just outside of the parameter of the city. The landmarks stood, along the streets that were pristinely paved, vastly spread throughout the landscapes. Alexia had lived in this suburban town for three years. After the baby was born, her husband and her relocated from the cluttering city. Alexia did not like the idea of moving to the suburban town after living inside of a gateway to the bustling civilization for many years. But her husband was adamant with the move, especially, since how much land space they will get for the same amount of money if they had purchased a condominium in the city. Alexia husband was a lawyer, who had his office in the city. Although the drive was taxing to his physiological and psychological health, he believed it was the best choice. Alexia, after living outskirts of city’s circumference for a period of her daughter’s growing years, raising a family in the suburbia brought an intriguing mindset that she had never thought before.

“Hi Lindsey!. And Jack! How are you doing?”

The greetings were met with lighted kisses that moist each others’ cheeks.

“Hi Alexia. It has been a long time since I saw you.”

Jack offered his greeting with a smile. Jack was in his forties. He worked as an IT consulting for many years before he was terminated from his company due to restructuring. During his tenure, he lost innumerable hairs and gained 20 pounds that put him over the minimum weight of healthy BMI. Jack’s wife worked as an account executive in one of the major player in telecommunication industry. Jack and his wife decided for a time being, having a sole breadwinner will suffice their financial necessity, although Jack initially balked at the idea. But he had no choice to their decision since no company will hire a middle aged man who’s skill sets were limited in viability.

“Yea Jack how have you been? I cannot wait until the weather gets warmer. Trying to wake up in this type of climate is getting more difficult at every passing days.”

“I know what you mean.”

Lindsey responded affirmatively to the gripe that was heard.

“Let’s order. I am hungry.”

The orders were taken by the person who was behind the register. Each of them decided to consume very simple dishes that did not pertain well preparing of seasoned marinations. Alexia brought her turkey sandwich laced between wheat breads. The lattice and tomatoes accentuated the flavoring of the sandwich, with a tiny spreading of mustard. Alexia gathered herself, and waited for others to arrive at the table before she began eating her food. The chewing could be heard, but not annoyingly. They spoke casually, as they were cautious with how they let their words come out between the chewing.

“So, what you have been up to Alexia? It has been over three months since I have seen you.”

Jack stated his words without any particular pressing of his curiosity. He wanted to start the conversation because, in reality, he was bored with himself ever since he left his job.

“Nothing particular. Passing my time doing regular mundane responsibilities what people who are in my situation do. I am sure you feel same way.”

“I do Alexia, I feel like I should be preying for food and other living expenses instead of my wife. My situation is so demoralizing what it means to be a man. When did this restructuring of our country’s economy happened that a woman could become a provider of a family?”

“Don’t feel so insignificant Jack.”

Lindsey interjected the discussion two of her friends were having.

“This is part of changing of the guard. It’s a woman turn to guard the castle. Our country had passed the manufacturing businesses to the lesser nations and now we are in business of innovating high technology and service where we do not need to get our hands dirty. I love it! I must say.”

“I know, but unfortunately, I was not able to continued with my career because of my daughter. I supposed I could have continued to work even after I had my daughter, but my husband forbade me working because his idea of having a model family is having one of the parent raising the child.”

Alexia gave her perspective.

“Your husband is a swell guy, but maybe because it was his way of construing his power over you. If you know my drift.”

“What do you mean Lindsey?”

Alexia did not quite comprehend the reasoning that was communicated by her friend, which she had never conceived before. Lindsey was a brilliant student at her University, but her gifting did not translated on to her job when she failed to receive any promotion at the company she worked. After her disappointment, she obtained a graduate degree from University to further her learning. However, her extended learning did not provided her with a satisfying job position that she was able to fit in, so she voluntarily left the job market and let her husband work for living. Lindsey was offered with a part-time research job that only took ten hours a week at a local for-profit college. The remaining hours when she was not taking care of her two children were spent in a residual boredom.

“What I mean is that he is making you utterly dependent on him to provide for you and your offspring. I don’t want to stir controversy in your marriage, but this is one of the old fashion method of repressing the wife with her freedom.”

“Lindsey, I think your feministic views are little questionable.”

Alexia responded, awhile Jack let the talk proceed between the two women because of the sensitivity of the topic.

“Sorry if I had caused any doubt in your life; whether your husband loves you, and the reason behind why he does not want you to work. Anyway are you still on anti-depression medication? I have graduated and now I have moved on to a prescribed tranquilizer. It’s very sensational, it provides me with the peace of mind that I did not received with any of other form of controlled meds.”

“Yes I am. But I will look into it. I need to talk to my psychologist what she thinks.”

“This is unfortunate ladies. I am not currently on any controlled medications but I think I may have to very soon. This is the effect from our continual idleness. When there is too much free time, the thought of never ending contemplations arises in person’s awareness, and the feeling of hopelessness and sadness began to identify that person. I think our minds cannot be still, and be happy, because our minds are wired to be active and engaging, but when the boredom sets in, we began to nurture the inconsequentialities of our daily lives. It’s so hard to see the hope beyond the horizon, so we go on with our daily lives with the activities that seemed not to satisfy us, so we alleviate those unwanted feelings and thoughts by numbing our brain particles with chemicals.”

“You are so philosophical Jack.”

Lindsey replied.

“But I agreed with you perfectly. What the heck! It’s better to be hooked on a government approved drug than an illegal narcotic. This is madness of our society. Who really decides what is good for us or not? The federal government actually have the absolute authority what type of drugs are allowed to be consumed by the citizens. I think this is all part of a clever packaging. The powdered cocaine is no good, but the condensed neurotic pill is fine as long as it is dispensed by the certified professionals. I love my doctor! He talks my language because it’s good for his business to provide me with what I want.”

“Your doctor may lose his license if he writes you prescription indiscriminately though, there is difference, but I understand what you are stating. What is legal and illegal is muddle between who is the source of dispensing. But that is how the society function. When an established state invade other sovereign country, that is fine, as long as the country that is invading is a superpower like United States, but when the violence is conducted by a renegade state or a group of idealist individuals, it’s called terrorism. But anyway, enough of these political talk. How is your daughter Alexia?”

Jack directed his question to Alexia after another episode of his political philosophizing.

“My daughter is healthy. I supposed that is good thing. But let’s go back to what we were discussing. After hearing on these topics, I am considering taking another form of controlled narcotics. If we can called that. I think you are right Jack. Being bored with our lives have a severe consequence of our mental health. I think the boredom is the cause of many ills in our society, or even wicket behaviors.”

“Yes you are absolutely correct.”

Lindsey excitingly offered her approval.

“People engage all kinds of demented activities because we get bored with our mundane lives. Also taking advantage of people’s weaknesses arises being bored. Empowering others with our ambition has originality from our lives not proceeding in meaningful purpose. I must say honestly, my boredom is the main cause of me dependent on tranquilizer. My inability to stirred my mind with interesting engagements, which ultimately affects the continual darkness of not knowing what my daily purpose should be, results in my continual path of boredom”

The plates were clear of any food particles that remained. Each of them were satisfied by the dishes they consumed but was delirious on the topic of discussion.

Alexia was indeed very bored with her life. She enticed her mind many occasions how the alluring of her preferences could be consummated. But she could not come up with the best way not be reminded of her dissatisfaction. After an hour of sharing the thoughts of bored suburban housewives and househusband, they adjourned their time by leaving the premise one by one. During the drive back home, Alexia reached out to Lindsey.

“Hey can we talk?”

“Hey Alexia. What up? Do you still have more thoughts in your mind that you need to express?”

“Well, I supposed. The reason why I am calling you is that what we have conversed. There is a consensus agreement that we are all bored and the best way to obtain some form of relieve from our cognizance of being bored is to be addicted to medications.”

“Yea isn't that funny? Intriguing how our lives have developed to come to this point. I did not expect when I was in college, my life will be so much engulfed by the inscrutable feelings of obsolete. And the only way of my escape is to take the meds. The unreasonableness of our decipherment is too much bear, so we wound up taking more and stronger medication to numb it. So what do you have in your mind?”

“Well, I wanted to talk to you about my marriage. The comment you have made, regard to whether my husband is empowering me with his initiation really struck me. At this time, or this season of perturbed recognition of how my marriage is proceeding, my husband has been somewhat neglecting me emotionally. There is no emotional connection between him and me, and what makes it worse is that he had not touched me for a very long time. I think he is purposely avoiding me and this had led me to become more dependent of prescribed narcotics; not only to be not reminded of my boredom, but my dissatisfaction of having him as my husband. Don't get me wrong, he provides my daughter and me financially, but I need something more than that. I desire for intimacy and it’s very much missing in my life currently. I am thinking of having an affair in order to get his attention.”

“Alexia, if you really want his attention, then don’t go that road. Engaging in an affair is more of an indication of your arrogance and a betrayal. If you really want to obtain the lost feeling you once possessed from him, then become utterly addicted to control medication. You will received empathy. He will ultimately give you more attention, and he will visibly and verbally express compassion toward you. I know your husband. He is very altruistic and for the nucleus of his family, he will not let you go down into a drain. The family he possess, is his pride and joy, but unfortunately, not particularly in a singular way toward you. He wants both your daughter and you, and him as the provider. You married a good man, but I hate to say this, he is very boring, not passionate. And he being who he is probably invigorated your own boredom, but this is how the world is, even in the best marriages, you cannot have a cake and eat it too.”

Alexia processed her mind on the words that was spoken, and her analysis on the situation that came before her gave her a hope of reacquainting with her husband of seven years in settling her emotions enticingly. Alexia made an emergency appointment with her psychologists on the very same day. Alexia descriptively and elaborately explained what was bothering her to her mental examiner. The doctor, after hearing her patient confessing her struggle, she smiled slightly, knowing that Alexia over exaggerated the severity of her problem. The psychologist prescribed Alexia alternative pain medication that was not meant for Alexia’s type of suffering. Alexia purchased the medication same day and began taking the medication immediately. She took the medication for months, until her ability to function without it became utterly disturbance to her daily normality. Eventually, Alexia was diagnosed being addicted to a prescribed medication. Alexia was overjoyed by the assessment that was given by her psychologist. She then, was admitted to a substance abuse facility. But how she had perceived on her dependence did not resulted in the way she had envisioned. She was utterly addicted to the controlled medication, where she experienced a severe paranoia and a compulsive sweating of her body if she did not consumed the white little condensed pill. Alexia was devastated, realizing that she was prevented from seeing her own daughter by the caretakers at the addiction center, and although her husband showed sympathizing compassion, he was not able to be at Alexia’s side on regular basis which Alexia had hoped. Alexia spent her days in the abused center with tears of her uncontrollable desire for the narcotics. She had hoped to get rid of her boredom and obtain the affection of her husband, but she wound up losing the treasure she most valued; her dignity.


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