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Success Breeds Success

Updated on February 25, 2011

walking with successful peoples

Successful people  understand that no one makes it to the top in single bound.What sets them apart is their willingness to keep putting one right step in front of the other,no matter how rough the terrain.You need connection and right connection to say .It's certain to get the worst of the bargain when you exchange ideas with the wrong people.Don't follow anyone who's going any where.

It is very important who you closely associate with There are four kinds of people around you-Those who add to your life.Those who multiple to your life.Those who subtract from your life.Those who divide your life.You will have to trust somebody.It is true that you cannot trust every one,but you need people to get up at some points in your life.No one can succeed in isolation,you need the effort of others to achieve your goal.

Someone has to so you the door,but you have to walk through it alone.Life is a passage.You are on your own!Starve wrong friendships.control the music and teachings that enter ears.Pursue and permit only those relationships that increase and stabilize your focus.

Work together with others. Remember the banana:Every it leaves the bunch,it gets pealed and eaten.You can never experience lasting success with relationships with people.No one person alone can match the cooperation effort of the right team.Others have to play their roles in your life,but when you permit them be vigilant lest you are ruined down.

Those you relate with constitute a very critical factor to your progress in life.There are so many averagely gifted people who are right on top simply by virtues of right association and relationship,whereas there are several others who are exceptionally gifted ,but have sunk awfully low because of wrong relationship"Evil communications corrupt good manners".Your dream is the who of your life,but the association you make determines how far you can go with the dream.

Therefore,associate yourself with the right people,in other to achieve you dreams and aspiration in life.                                           


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    • 6hotfingers3 profile image

      6hotfingers3 6 years ago

      Wonderful hub! You hit it right on the head. I've seen good people with great potential fall to the depths of a needlessly hard and difficult life because they followed the wrong people or allowed those people to bring them down.Thank you for this true and inspiring hub.