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Successful Reading Nation

Updated on February 23, 2016

Reading Knowledge

Why do we not read?
That is one question that is often raised when looking at the situation in our society when it comes to reading. It is important to produce more young people who love to read and makes it as a cultural practice in order not to be left behind in the increasingly fierce technology race.

National development
Development of a country is dependent on the people who are knowledgeable, positive, hardworking and competitive. Knowledge can be acquired through reading. The practice of reading also need to be equipped with skills to select quality reading materials. The family institution is responsible for producing individual who not only likes to read but makes reading as a culture.
The effort to cultivate reading among young people is the starting point in shaping the knowledge society which can contribute their skills and expertise to the development of a country.

Preserving Cultural Reading
The family institution is essentially equally responsible for establishing, nurturing, and fostering an interest in reading among family members and thus preserve the reading culture among Malaysians. This role is necessary to meet the mental development of children in order to meet the needs, tastes, aspirations, neglected and curiosity that can only be met through reading.

The role of the National Library of Malaysia
It's no exaggeration to say that an average of two books read by Malaysians year is a number that should be studied in greater depth. That figure is still questionable even though the country has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of visitors to bookstores and international book fairs. The organization of the party is said to have reached the goal when they host over 1 million visitors.
National Library of Malaysia (PNM) outlined four strategies to achieve the goal of reading interest among the public. Among them:
First, PNM will cooperate with the government machinery at state and district levels. Whereas cooperation with the private sector is financial assistance such as sponsorship, funding and contribution in the activities.
Second, PNM will build more village library, a reading corner where increasing public attention. For example, in shopping malls and bus stops so that people can fill their free time reading books provided.

Third, to meet the needs of children and adolescents are more likely to online services, PNM will strengthen the application of ICT in the service. The concept of cyber hopes to attract groups to assist it in turn nourishes the library and reading culture among them.

Fourth, take advantage of the existing voluntary organizations to mobilize let's reading program. Accordingly reading program can be implemented in an orderly, systematic and continuous.

At the moment we are still struggling with the slowdown in the reading culture among Malaysians. This practice should be nurtured from a young age to give birth to the reading public. To cultivate the habit of reading, all parties, including the government, private sector and the public should play their respective roles, particularly in the application of science to read in everyday life.


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