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Sufi Stories, The Journey Of Roses

Updated on November 24, 2012

Allah is all things that has been, will be and is. He remembers all his creations because he, indeed, is creation.

In amongst the creation of all time, at the beginning of time, Allah looked upon Gul Baba, the Sufi Saint of the Roses, and plucked from him a deep red rose, split them in two and made a man and a woman from it.

"Dear Gul Baba, these are truth seekers who will travel the world. It is your mission to show them the way to love, for they know love but not of it's label." Gul Baba bowed most majestically and merged with the cosmos in an instant.

Copyright Shazwellyn
Copyright Shazwellyn

Sufism, The Beloved One

SnappyJet ZX281 to Bodrum, Turkey, took off on time and with a magical sense of synchronicity, a couple was found placed with a Turkish Judge.

They talked and spoke about universal love, the love of God and spirituality. It was of no concern to the couple of 'Religion', it was just about love.

"You sound like you are Sufi's!" The judge exclaimed, but the couple didn't have a clue what this term meant. "Sufism is about the love of the beloved - God - and is the esoteric arm of the Koran... There is no right or wrong religion, just love, and all beings from love will be in the heart of the beloved."

The couple were intrigued but thought no more.



The couple had a mission on this trip. It was to deliver some love to the Island of Patmos - gifts from the twinning of their home town to the Mayor - and to enjoy the culture of Istanbul. Sufism was far from their mind.

The Welcome Dog Of Patmos - click on the link for another story
The Welcome Dog Of Patmos - click on the link for another story | Source
Thomas | Source

Ferry, The Welcome Dog and Thomas

Arriving at Bodrum, they were greeted with the hustle and bustle of commercialism. Big corporate companies offering processed food and processed people offering big corporate companies.

It was a welcome relief to take a ferry to Patmos and find love in the Greek Islands. It was here that they were greeted by the welcome dog of Patmos and Thomas, their guiding light.

None-the-less, it seemed like there was a series of synchronised meetings that made the giving of gifts to the mayor easy.

Thomas, an orthodox Christian, organised everything. Holy spring water was dripped upon the entrance of Saint John's Apocalyptic cave to mark the scene of the Bible's 'Revelations' and messages were exchanged to the Mayor.

Gul Baba smiled down at Thomas as he kissed the roses and blew a cool breeze to the direction of the couple. Everywhere the couple went, there were roses. rose petals and rose symbols, but the couple remained blissfully unaware.

Gul Baba, The Sufi Whisper

Returning to Bodrum, the couple sat by the port side, at peace. A red rose had found it's way between the rocks in the water.

A song came to mind in their heads, 'Where The Wild Roses Grow', as the twinkle of the sun reflected upon on the subtle curves of the water, only to be broken by the floating red rose.

Gul Baba was working hard to be heard, with the whisper of a clue which only the couple would know.

"What is it with roses on this holiday?"

Darkness set in Bodrum. As the couple walked along the promenade, A man was giving red roses out - forcing the rose in the lady's hand, the lady shook her head, "No, Mrs, it's free... free for you!" Turning to her husband she said, "What is it with roses on this holiday?" Her husband shrugged whilst Gul Baba displayed an heir of pleasure from these words.

Mevlevi Monastery in Istanbul
Mevlevi Monastery in Istanbul | Source

'the syncronicity and interconnectedness of universal consciousness...'

An internal flight with The Flying Horse Airlines had been booked by the couple months before their travel to Turkey. Istanbul seemed like an experience of a lifetime, but little did they know the significance.

The couple laughed at the hotel they were staying at but made do - it was all part of the adventure!

Gul Baba smiled whilst in the heavens and guided them to a restaurant where they spoke to an Australian. A band called 'Dead Can Dance' were playing in Istanbul a couple of days previously. The couple saw billboards and had read about them in the SnappyJet in-flight magazine. It turned out that this was the Australian travellers favourite band, quite an accolade the couple thought as they were keen music enthusiasts!

There was also a local Turkish man in the restaurant. The couple spoke of 'the love' and the man suggested they watch the whirling dervish who are part of the Sufi's. That word hit a note in the couple. Sufi's in Istanbul? There was nothing in 'the Rough Guide to Turkey' about this, so the man told them where the Mevlevi Monastery was situated. He turned and gave them a card, 'The Bouquet of Roses Hotel'.

Again Gul Baba smiled down on the couple, loving the syncronicity and interconnectedness of universal consciousness. He could see that the couple were starting to see the light.

Sufi dog - click on the link on the left for yet another story"
Sufi dog - click on the link on the left for yet another story" | Source

'a symbolic gesture to the beloved'

There was a realisation within the couple. They had surrendered to love in their quest for the truth, they were truth seekers, and within the confines of the Sufi or Mevlevi monastery, they had found a label for their beliefs. In celebration, they mixed the waters of a healing spring from their home town with the waters of the monastery. This was a symbolic gesture to the beloved.

The magic continued for the couple and symbols of roses kept coming. On their return to Bodrum, they were guided by a Sufi dog who gave nothing but love.

They learned a lot from Puppy, her unconditional love and the lessons of attachment. They were grateful. She was a free spirit who lived for the now and trusted that she would be looked after and looked after she was.

Dead Can Dance Budapest
Dead Can Dance Budapest | Source

Red Dog Rose

Home came quickly for the truth seekers and on their arrival they noticed high above the tall hedge in the garden grew a red dog rose.

It had climbed so far as if to reach the stars.

The couple smiled that knowing smile and so did Gul Baba.

Gul Baba
Gul Baba | Source

Four days in Budapest!

Reflection is necessary to the truth seeker's learning and it is with this that a realisation was established within the couple.

The band 'Dead Can Dance' inspired the couple with such beauty that brought tears to their eyes, they had regret that they had missed them in Istanbul.

Not to worry, even though the band had sold out on their tour, there was one place that hadn't - Budapest!

The adventure continued. Four days in Budapest!

The couple didn't know until the day before their flight - they couldn't possibly had known - that the only Sufi shrine in Europe was based, guess where?

Budapest! And there lay the body of Gul Baba, the Sufi of the roses!

Allah was pleased with Gul Baba, for another truth had been found.

Gul Baba Sufi Shrine
Gul Baba Sufi Shrine | Source

'We were guided by the roses from Bodrum to Istanbul,

We knew not of the Sufi, but we loved it all,

The message came to us, loud and clear,

That is why, we ended up here!"

We didn't know we were New Age Sufi's, thank you for showing us the roses,

Sharon and Paul from Glastonbury xx

© Shazwellyn 2012 - This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Great Britain

      ripplemaker - I didnt know that I was a New Age Sufi! Seems that my journey is leading me to the ways of the mystic - the source of the ancesters. Im off to India in February... who knows what God is about to teach me! Whatever, I surrender to love.

      Blessings to a lovely lady x

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 

      6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      We were guided by the roses...beautiful! When the heart seeks that you will find. Peace and light be with you and your journey :)

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Great Britain

      With all my heart, thank you miscellanea and Anil and Honey x

    • Anil and Honey profile image


      6 years ago from Kerala

      God bless you. It is a verity hub thanks for sharing

    • miscellanea profile image

      Tarik Aarbaoui 

      6 years ago from Morocco

      such an interesting hub :) spiritual and peaceful, thanks for sharing!


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