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Sui Sin Far

Updated on March 6, 2015

Sui Sin Far

Content authors have a unique way of conveying their messages to their audiences. Through short articles, the authors reveal different thematic concerns. For instance, in her article, Mrs. Fragrance uses various narrated short stories to instill several thematic concerns in her audience. She portrays the themes of family, its expectations, duties and obligations that must be fulfilled by various family members. The author also portrays the theme of sociology and human relationships by discussing different intercultural relationships within the family setting.

Every society has its own way of living. It has its own cultural norms and expectations. These norms and societal expectations define how various societal units live. For instance, a family, being the lowest unit of a society is directed on its daily life by societal expectations, norms and cultures. Mrs. Fragrance has clearly exhibited these societal expectations by giving various facts about the Chinese family setting. In the traditional Chinese family setting, the father was the head of the family. This made him the sole bread winner in the family. Mrs. Fragrance has clearly indicated such by giving the example of Wou Sankwei’s father. Being the town’s magistrate, Wou Sankwei’s father was the bread winner of his family. The father was also expected to be a good role model to his children. This becomes evident when Wou sankwei suggests that he would like to become a fisherman. Consequently, his mother becomes surprised to realize that her son does not wish to follow the footsteps of her husband. Therefore, she exclusively senses that her husband has not been responsible enough to model his son into becoming a magistrate like him. However, this responsibility in men is portrayed when Wou Sankwei travels to the U.S, hoping to get a job that is good enough to cater for his wife and son. In America, Wou Sankwei hopes to not only become a role model to his son but also fulfill his obligations as a man by catering for the needs of his family.

The author has also clearly exhibited the theme of unity between families. This is seen as a good theme because the author goes further ahead, breaks tribal barriers and urges families of different races interact well and live in harmony. This is evident because, in her articles, different family members live together in harmony. For example Mrs. Dean and her niece live together. Similarly, both American and Chinese families also co relate and live at absolute peace. For instance, when Mr. Wou Sankwei arrives in America, he receives a warm welcoming form Mrs. Dean and her niece. The two later welcome him to spend the evening with them. The theme of sociology and human relations is strongly reinforced by the fact that Mrs. Dean was an American while Mr. Wou Sankwei was a Chinese.

In many cases, not all human relations share the same cultures. There are times when people from different races differ in their cultures. This clearly serves to provide a different way of portraying the theme of inter-racial relationships in sociology and human relationships. It provides a different angle of posing and proving arguments concerning how people from differences differ in their cultures. In her articles, Mrs. Fragrance has clearly indicated that the Chinese and Americans families differ both in cultures and other aspects of human relations. For instance, the Americans are not ready to learn the Chinese while many Chinese take pride in learning the American culture. For example Yen and his father Mr. Wou sankwei have already adopted the American culture.

In conclusion, Mrs. Fragrance has not only done her good job but also perfected it in writing and sharing strong thematic concerns. Through her unique mastery of writing, the author has deeply and broadly discussed the themes of Chinese family maintenance, parent child relationships, and inter-racial relationships. These themes are clearly portrayed in different short stories.

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