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Suite 116

Updated on July 23, 2010

We traveled to Burkina Faso for an Investigation, it was a high profile case which connected a reputable business man. We were lodged by our host in this hotel (Hotel copal gardens).but something strange happened on our first and only night. It was late evening on the 10th of March 2007 after a long flight from Buenos Aries, one of our host was waiting for us at the Ouagadougou international airport so he drove us straight to the hotel in the central street. It was a four star hotel (Copal Garden Hotel), the lobby had a musty odor. There was the two of us so we took a double suit. SUITE 116

My first impression was what a hotel and the porter that helped us carry our luggage was an old man and he had this funny Dracula look with white bears like that of a retired Al Qaeda comrade. As soon as the door of the room was opened, a blast of hot air struck me full in the face. With the hot air came something else, something i cannot define but that filled me with dread. It was heavy and depressing with the strong scent of the evil and i felt as if i was about to faint but all i managed to say was “It’s awfully hot.” because of the weather anyway.

The porter then dropped our suitcases on the floor of the living room, opened the window and left. The living room began to cool off, but inside the rooms, the feeling of despair and dread grew stronger. I watched my colleague and read no sign of disgust in him maybe he was pretending i assumed then our host a modest Muslim man left but offered to come and pick us later that same evening to take us round the country before we meet his two other colleagues and get down to business because we were scheduled to spend just three days.

While taking my bath i thought that i heard a voice whispering and compelling me to do something terrible. “Go to the window,” it said. “Throw yourself out!” I became terrified when the light in the bathroom just went dead, “Blood of Jesus” i shouted because a strange object fell on my head. I immediately ran out of the bathroom and called on my colleague who was lying on the bed in his own room, the light was strangely restored and we found no object in the bathroom then i went back in and finished my bath but within me i wasn’t feeling comfortable at all.

As we were waiting for Usman to come and pick us, my colleague dosed off and i remained in the living room watching the television but all of a sudden, i heard him screaming and immediately rushed to his room, he was full of sweat. He began to narrate what even scared me the most “I had a bad dream” he told me; “there was this strange figure like a woman, at first i heard a voice saying jump jump but i thought that it was within my instincts so i dossed off but before i was able to close my eyes, there was this urge to jump out the window to what i knew would be certain death but i managed to sleep off then i saw the image, it had dark clouds all over it and i could not see it’s face but it had a female structure.

It tried to hit me with a tiny metal but i ran off then i saw myself close to the open window and all of a sudden, the image approached and held me on my neck, tried to strangle me and i began to fight back then it lifted me up and was about to throw me down the window, i was so weak and was losing the struggle to overpower this strange image so i began to shout, i never knew that i was shouting out until you opened the door and called on me”.

I was so terrified after hearing this then i told him that i had a bad feeling the very moment we entered the hotel and he also confessed to me that he felt a devilish scent as well but didn’t want to raise any funny issue so he kept quite. As we were discussing this issue, the television just exploded and ups! We made it to the door, infact the tiny doorway accommodated two of us the same time and we were shouting Jesus! Jesus!! as we were running and heading to the lobby.

We explained to the receptionist that there was something strange in that room not even the room but the entire building but the woman kept laughing at us. Two grown adults terrified because of a noise or whatever it was we were saying. Sure it sounded funny but anyone in our situation will understand better, the problem now is not whether she believed us or not but how to go and get our luggage because i knew that i won’t even go into that room again and was ready to sacrifice the money we paid for the room, calling Usman was another big problem, our diaries and cell phones were all stocked in that evil room.

Thanks to God, as were trying to figure out how to reach Usman, the same porter that helped us earlier came to the lobby and we urged him to go and get our luggage for us. I was sure that if we stayed the night, we’d both be dead by morning.” He went and brought all our stuffs for us then we asked the receptionist to call a taxi for us, she did and didn’t even ask if we wished to try another room rather she returned the full money we paid.

We checked into another hotel which was 75km away then called Usman to notify him of our whereabouts. He later came that same night and we told him our terrible experiences, it sounded strange to him but we are adults and knew exactly what happened to us.

Anyway, i took it as a second investigation to carry out in Burkina Faso so after meeting our co hosts and rounded up all that we were supposed to do the next day, we began another investigation which was a tabloid in the whole Country and instead of our three days stay, we spent 18days.

We began interviewing people that lived close to Copal Gardens but to cut it short, we later went back to that same suit with the help of a police officer who we met in the company of our hosts and while searching the entire rooms, we discovered that portions of the floor tiles in the room was different from the rest but the bed covered it and it will take a major interest for one to dictate the difference. Anyway, with the help of the police, that portion was dogged open.

To the surprise of everyone, it had human skeletal remains, there was also a laminated card though the image and content were visibly dull but it was a hospital identification card and has the name Mariam Mohamed as the bearer.

From the hotel record, Mariam Mohamed logged into suite 116 in the company of two young boys on the 13th of January 2001, the boys registered their status as her children and she was employed as a staff nurse at the general hospital, Mariam according to family members was never married and had no children, she had been missing for the past six years.

A special pathological autopsy done on her remains revealed that she was strangled to death and there was a hole on her skull which precisely was caused by a hard sharp object and must either be a knife or screw driver. So it was her spirit that taunted us that day perhaps it must have happened to so many other guests who lodged in that hotel and in suite 116.

The two young boys were never found and the course of what led to her murder remained a mystery, no one can say exactly what happened in Hotel Copal Garden sometimes in 2001 but the fact is that the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Marian was closed, a death certificate was issued to her family .


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      One love sis!

    • Lady_E profile image


      8 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks Prince Rossi. :)

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      ltfawkes,Africa is full of grace and soon the Africa you will have in your heart will be different from the one the media portrays,thank you so much and i dedicate this song for you for your kindness...

      Sister,no mago mago, thanks for your love and support and this is for you for your true love because you are royal...

    • Lady_E profile image


      8 years ago from London, UK

      What a weird experience - I'm glad for the spiritual intuition you had which led you not to stay the night.

      Do, take care. Don't stay in any more hotels with "mago mago". :)

    • ltfawkes profile image


      8 years ago from NE Ohio

      Hi, Rossimobis,

      What a strange, disturbing, compelling tale this is. As I read it, I realized that I'm becoming a big fan of some of the writing coming out of Africa.

      I've begun to hear a charming African "voice," in your writing and in some others I've read recently, that I like very much. It's gentle, curious, wordly-wise, and fresh, and I like it. Thanks.


    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      The true God Dim, of course he is always there to guide the meek and tend the lamb.Thanks for understanding the scary part of it...

      One love.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Interesting but scary. I have no doubt that the Satan played a part in your horrifying experience. Take care with the true God on your side.


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