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Sullen Brevity

Updated on February 26, 2017
pierbrook profile image

John Ackerman is established writer. Looks up to writers such as Hemingway and Poe. Mr. Ackerman enjoys short stories and poetry.

Sullen Brevity

Breath in the deep melodic moisture of the present

Relax your mind from the pressures of the day

One has become lax in their response toward love

This is a special message handcrafted from above

To become a beacon of light to a hurting world in need

Love has gained it also has lost

Humanities heaviest of cost

Search your heart and your soul

Capture the smile from a lonesome child

Search for truth with all your heart for you have every right to know

The sparkling radiance etched in the inner swell

A look at nature in it's beckoning call

Sullen brevity

The world seeks to divide you to the extreme

Can't help to come up with some sense of explanation

Let love rule your heart you will light the spark to the place you need to go


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    • profile image

      Bella Allred 13 months ago

      I really enjoyed this. Every word is a perfect fit for the message your conveying with this poem, beautiful work.