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2017 Summary of Events

Updated on November 23, 2017
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Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


This year is about to end and a reflection of the past events of this year is in order. There were some earth shaking news. A year end reflection by yours truly. Turning 66 this year was a milestone.

- Dec. 2017

Some News...

  • Trump inauguration as President
  • Comey firing and subsequent investigation by Mueller
  • Russian Collusion charge against Trump insiders
  • Harvey Weinstein revelation of sexual harrassment and all that follows...
  • the Dow reaching new record highs of 23,600
  • the season of Hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, Maria) after 10 years of lull
  • The failed repeal of the ACA...GOP disappoints voters
  • the mystery shooting in Las Vegas, deadliest in US history
  • Hillary scandal revelations of Uranium sales to Russia
  • the DNC conspired to help Hillary win the primary over Bernie Sanders


On a personal level, it has also been a great year full of activities. I organized two reunions. I turned 66 and started collecting my social security benefits. I returned to fencing, a sport I loved. I participated in an effort to help our alma mater and the fencing team. I traveled to Taiwan to attend my aunt's 90th birthday. My daughter bought her first house. I joined the CCNY Asian Alumni board.


  • CCNY fencing reunion dinner - Feb.
  • Conference call with CCNY acting president - May
  • Friends of CCNY Fencing website - Jun.
  • IBM Research reunion dinner - Aug.
  • Meeting with CCNY Athletics Dept. - Sept.
  • Trip to Taipei - Sept.
  • Joined Fencers Club - Sept.
  • Trip to Irvine - Nov.
  • Volunteer to serve on CCNY Asian Alumni board - Nov.
  • organized fencing reunion at Infinity Alliance Club - Nov.
  • HubPages reached 470 articles and 45,000 views - Dec.
  • Donate to IBM Archives - Dec.
  • Attend Harvard Club event for Fencers Club - Dec.


2017 was a spetacular year in many ways. The rise of the DOW to record levels is great for investors. Consumer confidence is also at a high. America is on the mend after many years of decline. A new administration that defy conventional wisdom and won a hard fought election. The meltdown of the media over President Trump is amazing. The self destruction of years of credibility over fake news. Finally, the revelations of sexual harassment in Hollywood and in Politics and the media has shaken our society to the core. This is actually good news for women. If I were to rate 2017, I would have to give it an A. It was a very good year.

© 2017 Jack Lee


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