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Summation Of A Season.

Updated on February 24, 2010


Summation of the Season.


Dying by degrees
it's temperature drops
as an old friend passes
with the sighs of children
in backpacks and galoshes
marching out of it's arms
the skeletal death rattles
of it's remnants soon will
fill the trees only to fall
with great sorrow in  
multi-colored arrays
bittersweet reminders of
those halcyon days
chill winds will find us
seeking warmth in cloth
rather then in lounge chairs
and the empty beaches will
soon wash the grains coated
with coconut oil and dreams
into the restless surf
lost forever in time's swirls
all will be white soon
like this screen before me
and winter will etch poems
in neat piles of no two alike
and leave us drifting off
to sleep by fire's crackling
and the lonesome howling
of a biting northeaster's song
let us mourn the passing
of those sunny morns that stretched
to immense star filled nights
and embrace the darker side
of nature unfolding.


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