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Summer Beach Reads For Teens

Updated on June 25, 2014

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Quote from "Heading off to the beach..."

"So check out this short list of teen lit books and maybe you'll find one for you to enjoy and relax on the beach with."

Heading off to the beach...

... and you haven't found a good book to read while you lounge on the beach yet! You've been meaning to download an ebook for your kindle fire or to stop by the nearest book store to pick up a good beach read, but you didn't know where to start! It's been a crazy, busy summer after all for you what with all the things you have going on. Whether it's working a summer job, or looking at colleges, or hanging out with your friends, or trying to get the attention of someone you've been really into it for the last year you've pretty much exhausted your time to research a good book to pick up! So check out this short list of teen lit books and maybe you'll find one for you to enjoy and relax on the beach with.

"The Fault In Our Stars"

"The Fault In Our Stars"

  • Written by John Green
  • Sixteen year old Hazel has terminal cancer. She has a few more years to live, but she knows she will inevitably die from her cancer. She begins to go to a support group and meets Augustus Waters, a cancer survivor. Things begins to change for her once she meets him.
  • New York Times Bestseller
  • A movie currently in theaters is based on this book.

"The Fault In Our Stars" Trailer


  • Written by the bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater
  • Cole goes to California to get back Isabel because he needs her back after she leaves him and starts a new life for herself. Will he be able to get her back though? After all he is a wolf...
  • This is a spin off of the author's Shiver Series, so you don't necessarily have to read the other three Shiver books, but it may help you better understand who Cole is.

"Shiver" Book Trailer



  • Written by Katherine Howe, a New York Times Bestselling Author
  • St. Joan's Academy begins to have an outbreak of a mystery illness among the students. Seizures, violent coughing, and hair loss are some of their symptoms. Are they cracking from the pressure of college applications? Are they sick with something unknown? Are they faking it? Colleen is a student at the school and has been reading "The Crucible". She realizes that three centuries ago their city was once Salem, the very same place where young women had a very similar ailment as to what is presently happening at her school.
  • This is a mystery genre book.

"The Crucible" Movie Trailer

"City of Heavenly Fire"

  • Written by Cassandra Clare
  • Conclusion to "The Mortal Instruments Series".
  • Shadowhunters and demons face one another in this final book. Clary, Jace, Simon, and the rest of their allies battle Sebastion who has begun to turn Shadowhunters into dark beings called the Endarkened. Who will survive?
  • If you are new to "The Mortal Instruments" check out the first book "City of Bones" before this one.

"City of Bones" Movie Trailer

"The Queen of the Tearling"

  • Written by Erika Johansen
  • A princess in a futuristic place that was established to be free of modern advancements must take back her deceased mother's throne, learn to rule, and stop the Red Queen.

"Queen of the Tearling" Emma Watson Possibly to Star in Movie Adaption

"Far Far Away"

"Far Far Away"

  • Written by Tom McNeal
  • Outcast Jeremy can hear the voice of Jacob Grimm in his head. Jacob is caught somehow between worlds and seems to be trying to protect him from something evil coming. One day a girl named Ginger eats a bewitched cake and falls in love with Jeremy and Jacob can no longer protect him from the oncoming evil.
  • This is similar to the dark fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm only with a modern setting.

"Far Far Away" Book Trailer

"Clockwork Princess"

  • Written by Cassandra Clare.
  • Part of "The Infernal Devices Series"
  • At the London Shadowhunters Institute Tessa Gray is abducted by Mortmain and Jem and Will even though both of them are in love with her will do anything to rescue her. Although there are forces attempting to rescue her, Tessa knows she must save herself before Mortmain's army destroys all.
  • This is the last book in "The Infernal Devices Series". If you've never read them before you might want to start with the first book in the series: "Clockwork Angel".

"Clockwork Princess" Book Trailer

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Which one of these books will you dive into this summer?

Which one of these books will you dive into this summer?

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Summer Beach Reads For Teens

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