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Summer Book Reading List

Updated on July 9, 2014

Summer is here! Free time might be something that is finally available. Some long car trips, some lazy days by the pool or beach. What to do?

I always reach for a book. During the school year, I often do not have time to read all of the books that I would like. But, when summer comes, my librarian knows me by name!!

Here is a variety of books that may fill up your free hours:


When I saw this book at my library, I just about flipped. I LOVED Tony Hillerman's books. They were one of my favorite series to read. When he passed away, I was really sad. I would never know what happened to Jim Chee, Leaphorn, and the other casts of characters that filled these Southwest, American Indian inspired mysteries.

Anne, Tony's daughter, has taken up the pen and continues the series. I am so happy! The book was great. It continued the story and resurrected those characters I thought were lost.

Thank you Anne!

And, if you are hooked, go back and read all of Tony Hillerman's books. The Blessing Way is the first one - they are awesome!

TOP SECRET TWENTY-ONE by Janet Evanovich

I love this series. It is silly, filled with some fun laughs, and some really great characters. This is one of those books that does not require a lot of time to read, or deep thinking. It is light, funny, and a quick read. Great for a pool day!!

THE ONE AND ONLY by Emily Giffin

This author has not disappointed me with any of her books. They have all been great!

This one is a little deeper reading than the last two, but still worth the read. It is about finding love in an unexpected place.

This book is great for a long car ride. I did not want to put it down!!!

KING AND MAXWELL by David Balducci

This author is becoming one of my favorites. His mysteries are complex, involve many characters, and require some thought. I can't always guess the ending, like in some other novels.

This book requires some time and brain cells, so this one is good for a long chunk of uninterrupted time.

The two characters, King and Maxwell, are very likeable and it is interesting to see how they develop.

The WALK Series by Richard Paul Evans

This is a five book series. They are all short, quick reads, but very inspiring. Some tears will be shed, but I LOVED these books.

They start with a man who has lost everything, and goes in search of "something." He is not sure what that "something" is, but, by the end of the series, he may have found it.

The titles, in order, are:

The Walk

Miles to Go

Road to Grace

Step of Faith

Walking on Water

© 2014 lilyofthevalley17


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