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Summer Camping Holidays by the Mighty Wallamba River: a Short fun Poem about a Day of Camping

Updated on January 2, 2015
Summer Holiday Bliss
Summer Holiday Bliss

Summer Holidays

For many years my family had two summer holidays. One, as in the photo above, was spent at a resort. It was a time to lie by the pool, soak up the sun, kick back and relax and replenish.

The other summer holiday was spent with friends - 3 or 4 families - camping by the Wallamba River near Tuncurry, New South Wales. It was a skiing holiday. It was also a fabulous time, especially for all the kids. The day started early and ended late in order to give everyone a go at skiing or the wake boards or the doughnuts. We had many an adventure and I have many happy memories of those holidays. This short poem is a synopsis of how the day went.

Summer days in Oz
Summer days in Oz

Camping by the Mighty Wallamba

Sunlight dancing on the water

Children laughing

Roar of the engine as the speed boat pulls out from the shore

Grab the swimmers from the line

The smell of blackout and Aerogard

The excitement of the day ahead

Open the windows of the caravan before the day heats up

Cereal, toast and dirty dishes

Grab the camping chairs and sunhats

Cold drinks

'I haven't had a go on the boogie board yet!'

Fresh bread rolls

Hot chips ... Mmmm!

'Can we have ice creams from the shop?'

Wet towels

Lost thongs

Mozzie bites


Pull the boat in

Wash the skis down

Hit the showers

Start the Barbie and chop the salad

Drink in the sunset

Silent pink and gold melting into silhouette black trees along the beach

Still water ...


M.J. Drury (c) 2013. All rights reserved.

End of another great day!
End of another great day!


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