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Summer Dawdles.

Updated on January 2, 2010


Summer Dawdles. ©-MFB III

Summer dawdles
along the
outskirts of May,
a sunny faced tot,
it toddles
along the hem
of springs green.

Summer makes
several attempts
to stand on it's own
but tumbles soon enough
like dandelion fluff
under the stormy
eyes of April and May's
stern reprimands.

Summer escapes May
springing free  
with the giggles
of children
at long last
dancing gaily over
sun drenched fields
as its stubby legs

s   t   r   e   t   c   h

far beyond the
bored-dears of August
while it's sticky
Popsicle stained fingers
ease the heat
it generates
with cool sugary treats.

Summer crawls
eagerly into the lap
of daily life
and snuggles close
in hammock style.

Summer generously plants
the warmest of kisses
on the faces of all mankind
making all of a man's life
a little kinder
then settles in
for a lazy afternoon nap
that goes on in dreamy
splendour that seems
to last forever.


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