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Summer Reading: The Trilogy by Stieg Larsson

Updated on March 23, 2013

Summer vacation is an excellent time to catch up on reading. Crime novels are primary on many summer reading lists. I just completed reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire. These are the first two novels in the trilogy by Stieg Larsson. The third novel is The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. These three stories have been very popular over the past few years. Two separate movie versions of The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo have been released.

The novels were written in 2004. An interesting aspect within the storyline is the difference between computer technology in 2004 and 2012. The main character Lisbeth Salander is an investigator. She is also a computer hacker that uses the latest Power Book laptop computer made by Apple. A laptop with RAM memory of 1 Gigabyte was huge in 2004. Computers come with 4 Gigabytes of RAM memory today. Mac hard drives were large in June 2004, anywhere from 80 to 160 Gigabytes and there were ATA hard drives with 320 Gigabytes. In 2012, there are hard drives of 1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes).

Computers came with dialup modems in 2004. Today we have Wi-Fi. Palm PDFs are obsolete. I Phones, Androids and I Pads have replaced cellular phones. Little children use their parent’s I Phones. Some children have I Phones of their own.

In 2012, Lisbeth Salander can easily gather information on individuals and companies at websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Companies have their own websites. Government agencies place statistical information on the internet that the public can download.

The other main character, Mikael Blomkivist is a magazine writer and book publisher. Online magazines, newspapers and E-book publishing have changed the dynamic of how we access information. With a Kindle, Nook or I-Pad we carry a library of information in our pockets. Mikael Blomkivist and Lisbeth Salander would not need a map to find a location. They would just tap into their GPS device.

What makes the crime novels by Stieg Larsson so entertaining is Lisbeth Salander is only 4 feet eleven inches tall and she weighs just ninety pounds. Yet Salander beats everybody up just the way Mike Hammer does in the novels written by Mickey Spillane in the 1950’s.

I have one more Stieg Larsson novel to read, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I probably will be staying up all night 4th of July reading the last book in the trilogy. These are wonderfully written and entertaining books and I thoroughly enjoy reading them.


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    • JamesCage profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Jersey

      I have not seen the movies yet but I will see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this summer.

    • Jenna Kunc profile image

      Jenna Kunc 

      6 years ago from Colorado

      I read all the books, and I have to say that I completely enjoyed them. Although, some of the Swedish names confused me and it took me a while to remember each character's name.

      Have you seen any of the movies?


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