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Summer Sizzlers.

Updated on November 23, 2009

(((((((O)))))))Summer Sizzlers.


Summer sizzles

steak on the grill
till it earns it's stripes
with my biting commentary
and oh, how I tarry over
this large comma of smoking meat

Summer sizzles

bare feet on asphalt
and I am the ass
whose fault it was
for crossing it
but shoes are alien
in the warm months
they feel like
leather chains binding me
and toes are like escaping convicts
facing the heat for freedom

Summer sizzles

flesh frictionalized into
extended pleasure
burrowing into the
wet warmth of passion
that slowly heats to a melting point
and explodes like a sprinkler
run amuck across
the fields of love

Summer sizzles

people worshipping the sun
who become its burnt offerings
drenched in costly oils
laid out as offerings
to the Sun gods who
like their subjects
well done
basted in salt water
and then slowly roasted
to a golden brown
copper tone
or a scalded red
lobster broil

Summer sizzles

but I have escaped
to the hollow of my hammock
slung in the shade
of some very thirsty trees
basking in the gray
that borders the fires
of hades hottest blazes
like the cool ash
y a w n ....



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