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Summer Sky

Updated on August 8, 2012

Summer Sky

Lay your moist towel on the heated pavement.

Let your damp body drop down.

Listen for the sounds of water splashing,

Let sounds of joy and laughter fill your mind.

Keep your chin up

and your eyes gazing up from the ground.

See the limitless openess.

Nothing closed as it seems.

Opportunity universal

when proud white clouds pass.

No bounderies in the pale blue cream.

Proud white clouds floating,

blowing out of position.

Without rythm float fast.

No centralized government

or force of control.

No countless enemies

who lost their soul.

No reason to fight

and no anger to contain.

No tapping pendulum

marching in the rain.

Soak in the freedom from high above.

No thirst no hunger

or heart unloved.

No lover engaged,

no heart broken down.

Spaces void of cold stone walls.

Like a pasture set free.

Lofty with no locked door.

No closet or reason to hide.

A blank forte'

with no wilds to unfold,

scroll to the heavens

where the story spreads untold.

The craft of the free is there,

no waiting for an end.

No case to plead, no message to send.

There are no horses dying

bleeding for care.

No blood or guns

or open chests to bare.

The relaxing purity,

release unto me

the calmness of the eternal entity.

No calves or tortures

just blueness I see.

A faint appearance

of the Moenemie.

A fortress rises

into the hue.



with no smoke to disturb you.

Pass the hurt onto the hills.

Peaceful casting float on by.

Maybe I belong to the bluest sky.

by Joanne Kathleen Farrell

Rensselaer, N.Y.


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