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Summer reading programs

Updated on June 6, 2012

It is time for the children to start their summer vacation and get their rest from school, whether it is for two in half months or just for one month because some schools go year round when it comes to school. What does a parent do when they hear their children say "I'm bored" or "I don't know what to do"? Well, many libraries offer summer programs that will help keep the kids entertained or even keep them occupied.

I work at the public library and every summer we have a Summer Reading Club, a different theme every summer though. It seems that each summer we start the program the more children we have joining. We have presenters come in that will make the children happy and all excited. But most of all we are just happy that parents are taking the time to have their children read because reading can really help a person even as they grow up and become adults. The children at the end of this program will get a prize bag with some goodies because they read up to eight books or more.

Not only is the summer reading club good for the children but also for the teens. We have a club for the teens as well, and we are really hoping that this gets their attention because it can get kind of hard to get the teens attention when it comes to getting them to read.

Then we have a some libraries who have a reading club for adults, that is one inspiring idea because this can really motivate an adult to want to get their hands on a good book. I heard that one library were giving out prizes to the adults because they read a certain amount of books, now that is a way to get someone reading.

So have you found a library near you that offers a summer reading program for your family? Do you need to find something for you children to do during the summer? Well, why not sign them up for a good summer reading club.


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