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"Sun Dog"...You are free...

Updated on November 12, 2015
"Sun Dog" ("Whitey") ? This could just about look like him....especially up on a porch. I will have to look hard through some old photos to find an old pic of him. But this is almost as I remember him.
"Sun Dog" ("Whitey") ? This could just about look like him....especially up on a porch. I will have to look hard through some old photos to find an old pic of him. But this is almost as I remember him. | Source

"Sun Dog"...You are free...

To run and chase each squirrel...up a tree.

That not turn and stop 1/2 way up...

Or it'll find out too late...that trick's been figured this here pup.

"Sun Dog"...You are a part of the woods around...

While we sleep...your ears filter out...and listen to every little sound.

You don't need roads and paths to make it down to the lake...

You shoot through the thick the trails...that you made to take.

"Sun Dog"...a whistle calls you home...

Every other part of the day...You are on your own.

With one whistle cry though...You come running down the Hill.

So glad to see us all...there is no hiding each ones excitement and thrill.

"Sun Dog"...You run faster than a car pulling a boat down a bumpy road...of red gravel...

At the speed of light...out in front of us...and in the lead...along that country road you travel.

At the boat launch... with your doggy grin and some quick barks...just 'cause you say so...

Who is the first one waiting for us at the boat dock...It is always you...We always know.

One Thanksgiving...during what has always been my favorite meal...

I heard one of the saddest things among the many...I have ever come to feel.

Grandma spoke up and said: " You know...'Ol Whitey is dead!"

Right then I pushed away my plate...and slowly began to hang my head.

"Sun Dog" is gone from us...He will not be running through the woods up there...anymore...

How much time is measured within a dog's short animal you've come to love and adore.

The pathways he has made through the surrounding woods...will now cover up his ways...

The chasin' and all the running around the countryside...Forever gone...for many, many days.

"Sun Dog"...You old reliable...and happy hound...

What will I do up at the lake...when you are not around?

I miss four-legged friend...I will never travel that back gulley without you...ever again.

There'll be no more snakes to hunt in the deep thicket down there...without you on point, my friend.

"Sun Dog" young days at the lake cabin...are coming to an end...

Time has changed this very short time...There is no more point in trying to pretend.

Grandpa will soon leave us too...and pretty soon the cabin will lie in emptiness and decay...

And now all I have a memory of you...running down the Hill to see us...and play.

"Sun Dog"...You inspired me when I didn't have a prayer...

I was empty then...Until your barks filled the quiet country air.

I see you even you barked...running from corner to the back of that 'ol pick-up truck...

Letting the world know you're alive and right here...a lasting impression it made...which's stayed stuck.

"Sun Dog" was happy to live Life...and he wanted you to know it...

If ever a creature could show a young boy the way...This 'ol dog could surely show it.

An animal can never really talk to you...their words get mixed in with their own animal sound...

But I promise you this..."Sun Dog's" bark lives on...out there in the woods still...all around!

"Sun Dog"...Come on back down the Hill once again...and we will race down to the lake...

I will load up my BB gun once again...and we'll take on again...each and every snake.

This time we don't have to run too fast...Let's take it slow...and enjoy this moment in time...

"Whitey"...I still run with you...We are out there running together my mind.

Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved for "Sun Dog"

Thoughts of Good times-Thoughts of the Power that One Life has...and a Song to go with it:

A Tribute to "Sun Dog":

Can an animal make a lasting impression on you? Can they show you the way...through the deep thicket...or how to live life to the fullest? Yes...Yes they can. I bring to you one animal for point this out. After many heart goes back to running down a simple hill towards the lake...with one dog...and I can tell you..."Wow, when you least expect can be living the time of your life!"

"Sun Dog" was the name given to him by his owners who spent most of the time working at very small country store...a few miles down the back highway...from where my grandparents cabin sat. The cabin was kind'a perched 1/2 way on the backside of the highest hill in the county. "Whitey" as we came to call him...would run down from some private land that connected up to the side of the hill...near its top...and then through the deep woods between the land and the cabin...and down the hill when we would call him.

He kind of adopted my grandparents...who always loved his second home...when his owners would be at the store working. As an added bonus...he got two young boys that loved running around the cabin with him...and an extra adopted family in us. One that was up for the weekend to enjoy all the fun activities that we could...while up at the lake.

"Whitey" or "Sun Dog" was golden yellow with white streaks..and about 60lbs....and he was clocked at a steady 25 mph...sustained...for at at least a mile (as the crow flies) of winding country roads...down to the lake....while we were pulling our boat down to put it in the lake. No matter where we went around that whole area...He would always beat us there...and he always had a magical the end of every duck into and make sure that he beat us. There he would be waiting on us...with a few barks...and a big doggy excited as could be...about whatever we were up to next. Fishing, Boating, Swimming, Hunting Snakes with a BB Gun, Chasing around the Cabin, Riding our Bikes as fast as we could down the Hill, or just Chillin' out on the Front Porch..."Whitey" was always up for it.

One of my greatest memories of him...still after so many years...and after many other fun memories of him...would have to be the day I borrowed my friend's pick-up move my Dad's bass boat over to the shop. Now...this was toward the end of my...and all our days...with the cabin. I was in college...and things were about to change quickly...and sadly...during the next few years. When I rolled up to hook up the boat...there came 'Whitey" down the hill...without me having to whistle. So...I figured: "What the heck...He can come along with me". I already knew that his doggy personality was always up for anything!

Two things happened...First...He was a little older now, and I miscalculated his timing to jump in the back of the truck. an older dog...He probably thought about it a second longer then I had been used to in the past. I slammed the tailgate up...while "Whitey" was in flight...right in his path. He was on a trajectory course to smash into the top part of it. I side-stepped around the back bumper, then dove partially...towards under the trailer tongue to catch the event he would crash and fall to the ground. As I passed him in slow motion...Me heading for the ground to kind of be underneath him and catch him...and Him sailing across 1/2 the boat length, extended trailer tongue, and back of the truck....Well, He somehow...did some kind of body flex...and flying reindeer maneuver in mid-air...while I was watching him...and cleared that top of that tailgate by several inches. He landed easily and safely in the middle of the truck bed...while I continued on a downward dive... until I abruptly stopped...splatting into the ground.

I didn't know that kind of move was possible. There are a few NBA stars...and a bunch of birds...who could benefit from whatever move "Whitey" made while in flight to gain new heighth and altitude. I can surely attest to that! Then Secondly...and the most enduring memory I have of the many of him...was how he behaved while in the back of that truck. I don't know what it was...I have seen dogs in the back of trucks before...and even till now. I have two wonderful dogs...who also love to travel down the the back of a pick-up truck. But, when I set out that day with "Whitey"...this was completely different...He was so Alive! For one thing...He was totally into letting the whole world know he was there...and they had better pay attention to that fact. For another was like he totally and thoroughly enjoyed himself with every turn of the tire...headed down the highway. He wasn't acting crazy...actually there was a certain deliberateness in his movement and in his actions.

I smiled with pure joy...from a place deep within me...from inside the cab...when I caught the show going on in the back. It was a uniquely happy moment. I slowed order not to rush this whole trip...and experience. And, also to watch his enthusiasm for this partiular moment in time. Here was a dog running from corner to the back of that truck...while travelling down the highway...and...He was having the time of his life. And...He wanted every vehicle, every fisherman along the banks...or out in a boat, every person out in their front yard, or getting out of their car to know it! Even in trying to describe this...I fall short and don't do it enough justice.

That was "Whitey"...that was "Sun Dog"...a unique animal on this planet...with a unique spirit... that was all his own...His own "dog"...and strangely...and thankfully contagious!

This memory still brings me great joy when I recall this day. Well...You should'a seen him...and I am sure you would agree with me. He was a mighty fine animal...and certainly worthy of a great the form of a poetry writing for him!


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