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And Juliet is the Sun

Updated on November 25, 2015

sailing my ship, alone i sit
reading an ancient language like hieroglyphs
with an angel on my right and to the left a demon
whom from civilization we have kept hidden,

yet i cant concentrate for i still sense a void, a hole, a yearning for
something missing from my soul, is it lost in me, or is it lost in you
what once was whole, divided by two
as you came out the blue, standing in front me and i of you,
a mirror reflected as eyes connected with those of a muse,

i had searched for hints and prayed for clues, tried to find you in thing one and thing two, searching for the sun, but landed on the moon, realized that i had been lost and confused, but a name was all that had came through, the rest in doses of deja vu's, when the moment comes will it be true, my hopes and those dreams ive had with you,

he jokes at scars he who never felt wounds, so i tread with caution, for fear ill lose, and take it seriously, this game for two, but we chose to play, me and you, take it day by day and carefully choose, the best way for our hearts to fuse, or like way back when in world war two, bombs dropped all day ready to defuse, destruction follows when trust is abused, so i promise to never pull a pearl harbor on you,

you and i , do or die, the sun came out and the moon it outshined, the brightest thing up in the sky, you give me wings and help me fly, just from the look you give in your eyes, i see your soul, not a disguise, not wanting to be with other guys, i simply want you, and you simply want me, just the two of us sitting in a tree, bit more than kissing when no one can see, making sweet love like birds and the bees, finally experiencing true ecstasy, my juliet, your what this romeo has seeked, so step down from that gated balcony, tear down the walls and build a castle with me,

ive sailed all throughout the seven seas, looking for true love and where to plant my seed, honesty devotion and loyalty, an old soul yet young cool and sexy, whos deep and full of mystery, i love you i know that its fast, but this thing with you, i know its new but i want it to last, cus it feels timeless, like we've met in the past, your a gift to the present and for my future the forecast.


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