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Sunbath Of Cleansing.

Updated on October 18, 2009

Sunbath Of Cleansing


When shadows

invade my soul
with both shades

of my eyes drawn shut,
within the house of despair,
I go to the balmy bright
to bathe my weary flesh
in its healing calm.

Perched on a rock,
or a bannister,

or chair,
it wraps me

in it's brilliance
erasing the

dank darkness
in the round

corners of my mind.

Like a vast

hot air tub,
in which I soak out

the tightness,
as my knotted

nerves stretch
and nap in

it's embrace.

Eyes closed,

face tilted upward,
as smiles flex

their muscles
till I am on a

distant beach
just west of

new hope,
or perched on

a mountaintop
an eaglet about

to find wings.




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