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Updated on March 22, 2017


I held her hand as we walked across the field of sunflowers being pushed in the gentle wind, she radiated sunlight almost as if our universe had chosen her as the burning ball of gas's successor. Standing beside me in her all of her glorious being. I can tell you that my heart had never felt so full at that point in time. I knew that I had found my soul, and I could finally be at ease. I could finally stop the endless search of the missing piece of me that I had always craved with every fiber I had to muster.

Ever since I was a child I had never been one to care for anyone other than myself, but this was different. I needed to give her everything I had to give, everything I didn't have but wanted her to receive. She was like the flower you waited for to grow, that never seemed to show up, but just when you closed your eyes and looked again there it was. In full bloom, so bold, so majestic and delicate.

She told her stories and they felt like my own. Almost as if I had been there with her every step of the way sharing the experiences that made her into the woman I called my soulmate. She looked at me like she saw the depths of the ocean that go on unexplored, she had seen the cherished riches of the sultry blue.

Her laugh was contagious and her smile, I can not express enough how gorgeous it was. I couldn't help but stare at that woman in everything she did. Each move she made was an artistic sequence I was so grateful to witness. What I would do to give away my time just to watch her live her life day in and day out. Though then I would not be able to be by her side to induce those memorable toothy grins and childish titters.

This woman had her own idea of beauty and found it in the oddest of places, I desired her more with each expression that crossed her features as she explained to me the wonders of her alluring thoughts created by her worldly findings.

My insides scream her name when we are apart, like my beating heart is trying to rip at the seems of my body to flee and return itself to it's rightful owner. For it is filled with her and nothing more, nothing less.

She is the love that I have so intensely engulfed myself in, never willing to climb out. She is the brilliance found at the end of the detailed studies preformed on my definition of perfection. She is the reincarnation of Aphrodite herself, the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. One only wishes to be half the woman that she is, in desperation to emit the ambiance that she has grown and kept within her ivory vessel since her first breath of our worlds air.

Dreams of a cornflower blue house and pearly white shutters hidden between the willow trees stream into my head. A life in which we spent together until the creases in our skin became deeper, and the hair on our heads matched the color of our silverware we use to devour our deliverance of all the meals we would share.

For years I used to lay in the tall cold grass in the middle of the night and look up at the shining stars, it was my way of being closer to myself. Alone with my overpowering wants and desires. I'd wish for something of value to come into my life, that'd I'd do everything in my power to cherish it. I never knew that it would have been her. I look back on it even to this day, all those nights hoping for something I thought would be a one in a million chance of receiving. She was my one in a million.

Words can not explain our relationship or the feelings that have intertwined it's way into the core of the connection we share. It's as if my soul is her soul, and her soul is my own. If there is one thing I know, it's is that I have an everlasting love for her that will never die down. It is so much more than your average romance, this woman will forever be engraved into every crevice I hold.

No matter what the future holds she will always be in the back of mind, helping me to remember the important things that were once so much easier to prosper. How to laugh at myself, how to love relentlessly, how to be strong in times of weakness, how to push myself into doing what is important.

I can't tell you how she feels today, or how she will feel tomorrow, or ten years from now. But I can tell you that I will spend the rest of my life loving my best friend because there will never be anyone who will ever be able to amount to such a soul like hers.

The sunflowers on the hill we used to stroll across, her hand resting softly in my own. Her voice almost like a whisper of a memory filling my ears, leaving my limbs tingling and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Every part of her drilled into my head, vowing to never forget her face, or how she looks at me with those eyes that show me a world of our own.

Complete serenity.

That is where I find myself drifting off to every time I hear her name.


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    • Lamity profile image

      Lamity 10 months ago from Sudbury, ON

      I appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 10 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Smooth and serene. Well done!

    • Gwenneth Leane profile image

      Gwenneth Leane 10 months ago from Glen Osmond, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

      You have described clearly your journey through romance. I see that romance has caused you to blossom in so many ways like self sacrifice, searching and finally finding love, making you a better person