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Sunny And Calm... With A Chance for Showers Of Tears

Updated on December 8, 2009

Sunny and calm,

with a chance for showers of tears.




My future

is a cloud
looming over

the horizon.

fluffy white

it beckons,
full of shapes like

bunnies and

puppy dogs.

At other times

dark and stormy,
thunderclaps predict

my ovations to come.
strobe light lightning

makes it seem
as if it is coming

way to fast.

And so

I bask in

the sunshine of today,

enjoying the

wow of now,
my skin toughened

by the storms

of the past,
I await

what is

the front

blowing in
with little

to fear.

It rains

on us

regardless of

our efforts,
we raise

umbrellas of hope,

and ride it out,
till the next

cloud appears.


our flesh

is moved

sealed tight

from all

storms and

sunny days,
as our souls

fly high,
above the

broiling skies

carefree evermore.



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    • profile image

      seasoning 8 years ago

      lovely enjoyed that