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Sunrise Through The Trees

Updated on February 27, 2014

The Last View

Sunrise Through The Trees

The sight that confronted me was an image from a long forgotten past. A past that, as the Sun rose above the distant hilltops and between the surrounding trees, flashed through a mind filled with more than a life’s worth of memories.

If I was to tell you, of all of my achievements. If I was to regale you of all of the things I have seen. If I was to list all of the people I have met, you would look upon me with ridicule and disbelief. But I would not be lying to you. I would be sharing with you all of my truths and you would be hanging on my every word, and they would be just one side of a story.

But of all of the things I have seen, revolutions, Wars, famines, technological advancements. The sight that I look upon at this moment, in this place is the most beautiful and fulfilling thing that has befallen my long and wretched life.

As I lie on the ground and feel life draining from my ancient body, I can still hear everything. I close my eyes and concentrate my hearing on the cacophony of life that is scurrying though the dry undergrowth and flying through the warm breathless air. These pleasing additions to the spectacular vista that grows ever more beautiful are welcome comfort to my current situation. For in the distance is a sound that I have heard on many occasions, one of fear and desperation and hatred. Something that when I first heard it, I would dismiss and know that the originators of it were inferior and deserved the emotions that they felt, they were not like me, they were not gifted with my abilities, my powers, my strength. They were ignorant to a world that existed beyond their imagining and I was part of that world, a better world, or so I would tell myself, for far too long.

I had not felt part of that world for a long time and I was not the only one. My life had been changed when I met a woman that helped me see that our world was not what I had been telling myself it was. Elisa had become the only thing that I needed, and she was the one that changed the way that I saw everything. But now she was gone, that sound of fear and hatred had taken her from me and it had left me with the biggest decision of my tortured existence. I had it within me to silence the fear, eradicate the hatred, but I had done that before and this time it would serve me no purpose, it would not bring her back, this time would be different.

I opened my eyes and saw a now full orb of glorious orange power cutting through the azure blue of the morning sky. As it did my senses exploded in to overdrive, I could hear the individual exclamations of the approaching humans. I could smell the scents of all of the wildlife that surrounded me. I could taste the blood of a freshly killed filed mouse as it struggled beneath the razor sharp talons of a falcon. But most of all I could feel the fire welling in the place that long ago would have been my heart. The heat began to emanate throughout my body and to destroy my long lifeless carcass. As they neared, my time was nearly gone. I knew that I would not be seeing Elisa again, but I knew that the world was a better place without me in it.

As the giver of life to every living thing on this planet revealed its full majesty to me and this place, I, a walking, unliving thing, was in turn returned to the earth.


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