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Sunset And Beyond

Updated on September 24, 2016


I rushed out of my office, when the orange clouds were already littered in the sky,

To say i stopped, would be a lie,

It wasn't till the bus stop i reached,

That the beauty of the setting sun, my eyes breached,

It would glimpse from behind the clouds, then hide, like a shy princess,

And i would wait for another look, like a child for recess,

Even while setting, it's trying to this world illuminate,

A world, whose hunger for power would never sate,

The sky started to darken, and i knew the sun was about to set,

I felt like i was saying goodbye, to a beautiful after we had just met,

I didn't know what i was missing sitting in that building, in that corporate dome,

I never realised when i missed my first bus home,

The sun had set, i thought it was its nature mean,

But i saw it had only set, to reveal something even more serene,

The moon proud and bright in the sky did shone,

Surrounded by the stars, unlike the sun it wasn't alone,

When it hid behind the clouds, it revealed a night so dark,

Where monsters roamed free, and even dogs were afraid to bark,

But when out of the clouds it came, following its course,

Illuminating the entire world, revealing the strength of nature at full force....


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