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Sunshine Never Mind

Updated on December 18, 2014
blanket of darkness
blanket of darkness
Hot Tornado
Hot Tornado

Sunshine Never Mind

I don't need you this time

Allow me this moment

To be wrapped in

a blanket of darkness

to nurse my chilly mood

My mood is like a

fierce tornado of emotions,

which causes destruction

and pain at every turn

the hidden sun
the hidden sun


be a kind friend

and hide

your light from me

Until I conquer

this destructive spirit

which pollutes my very being

and paralyzes me

from enjoying simple pleasures,

like writing this poem.

bright sun
bright sun

Food For Thought

1) How often do you take the sun for granted?

2) When was the last time, you just simply basked in the sun's rays?

3) What would the world be like if we no longer had a sun?

4) Could we, human beings and other creatures, live much less survive without having a sun?

5) Besides obtaining Vitamin D, name a few other reasons why the sun is so important to us.

Sunshine Never Mind

I need you

more than ever

Because the darkness

has taken control

and I am losing

myself more and more


please come back.

I have been a naïve fool.

Thinking I could do this

on my own

without your light

shining my path.

I was a fool to think

I could

© 2014 carrieharris


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