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Five Love Triangles Between Superheroes in Comic Books

Updated on October 24, 2019
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Alberto enjoys writing about their hobbies, which include video games and movies.

superhero love triangles In comic books
superhero love triangles In comic books

Fighting crime can be time-consuming and not having time is one of the main problems when it comes to dating. Obviously, we are talking about fictional characters, Superheroes, and they always need a romantic interest to make them more interesting, but the appeal of the relationship between comrades sometimes generates hard to avoid love triangles.

If such disputes are already common among real people, they are also in the history of superhero comics, an area where any mistake can be paid expensively, and they could move from being "friends" linked by a common interest (save the world from the villains), to be confronted by a matter of skirts.

Next, are the top five unsolved love triangles that any comic fan should know.

5. Starfire - Robin/Nightwing - Batgirl

SuperHeroes;  Love Triangles In Comic Books
SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books

No matter what alias Dick Grayson uses, he has become one of the most wanted men in the DC Universe. But his heart has always been divided between two of his teammates, either Batgirl when he patrols Gotham City, or Starfire when he is with the Teen Titans.

*Dc Comics.

4. Emma Frost - Cyclops - Jean Grey

SuperHeroes;  Love Triangles In Comic Books
SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books

One of the most obvious cases occurs in the X-Men, an environment where various mutant superheroes coexist with each other, and generate in some cases extremely close links. Cyclops is also very prone to these situations, and his relationship with Jean Grey is in danger whenever Emma Frost appears in the equation.

*Marvel Comics.

3. Dr. Manhattan - Silk Spectre II - Nite Owl II

SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books
SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books

Watchmen boasts the most realistic stories about this subject. This comic book series have among his enigmatic superheroes, Silk Spectre, as the central character in this love triangle that links her to Nite Owl and to Dr. Manhattan.

*Dc comics

2. Cyclops - Jean Grey - Wolverine

SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books
SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books

Again we have a relationship between superhero mutants and again involves Cyclops and Jean Grey. And although the pair seems quite established among fans of the X-Men, also Everyone knows that the extreme fragility of this love was not broken only by Emma Frost, but also by the arrogant Wolverine who more than once seduced the sexy redhead.

Fact; Scott and Jean got married, had children and were happy, at least for a time...

*Marvel Comics

1. Mr. Fantastic - Invisible Woman - Namor

SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books
SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books

There is an even closer family than the X-Men, and they are the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards and Sue Storm are a classic superhero couple who mix business with pleasure, but the emergence of Namor made Reed look not so fantastic for the Invisible Woman, and there's record of various amorous encounters between these two characters.

*Marvel Comics

Extra: Donna Troy – Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern/Ion) – Jade

SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books
SuperHeroes; Love Triangles In Comic Books

Kyle and Jade long maintained a relationship, which was fine until suddenly appeared his ex, Donna Troy, who was also known as Wonder Women's successor and with whom lantern was still in love. Donna suffered from amnesia (how convenient), so was not able to remember their past. Finally, they parted ways.
Nevertheless Kyle and Jade remained together ... for awhile, because this superhero, Green Lantern, is a real casanova, but that's another story.

*Dc Comics

Do You Know any Other SuperHero Love Triangle? Speak your mind!

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    • betozg lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Alberto Zumaya 

      4 years ago

      I should agree with you, Lois and clark are among the best known fictional couples, and actually, their relationship was based for a long time in a "love triangle" considering Lois didn't know about's Clark Kent alter ego. I think they got married in 1996.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      4 years ago from London England

      For me, the relationship between Clark Kent the mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper and colleague Lois Lane has been etched indelibly in my mind since childhood. Although the Superman movies provided good entertainment value they didn't 'live up' to the T.V. series of the 1950's albeit ill fated to survive only a few seasons. Two actresses portrayed the original Lois Lane namely Noelle Neal and Phyllis Coates both quite effectively even though i think Ms Coates was a more formidable opponent in dealing with adversaries. I'd like to think Lois eventually got Clark in the end!


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