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Superhero Lovers - Part One

Updated on April 16, 2016
Superman and Lois Lane
Superman and Lois Lane

Even Superheroes Fall In Love

Lets have a look at some of the best known Superhero relationships. Many superheroes have been portrayed as being in a relationship at some point, some fall into a relationship with a fellow super powered partner others take up with just a mere mortal. These are some of the better and lesser known ones.

Superman and Lois Lane

Arguably the best known of all superhero relationships. Lois and Superman ( Clark Kent ) first meet when Clark joins the staff of the Daily Planet the Metropolis newspaper as a young reporter.Lois has been the primary love interest of Superman since the very first issue of Action Comics in 1938.

Spidey and Mary Jane
Spidey and Mary Jane

Spider-man and Mary Jane Watson

' Face it Tiger you just hit the jackpot ', these are the first words spoken by Mary Jane when she introduces herself to Spider-man in issue number 42 of Amazing Spider-man from 1966. Initially introduced by Stan Lee as a bit of fun and to be a love rival to Gwen Stacey it soon became clear that MJ had more personality than Gwen and by issue 121 Gwen had been killed off. Spider-man artist John Romita based Mary Janes look on the actress Anne Margret as she appeared in the movie Bye Bye Birdie.

Hulk and Betty.
Hulk and Betty.

Bruce Banner and Betty Ross

Long time love interest of the Incredible Hulk Betty Ross made her comic book debut in 1962 in the very first Hulk comic , Incredible Hulk # 1.

Batman and Catwoman

Batman has had numerous relationships over the years including brief flirtations with fellow JLA members Wonder Woman and Zatana. Batman has a son from his relationship with Talia al Ghul the daughter of international eco terrorist Ra's al Ghul. One woman who broke the Bats heart was Silver St Cloud. Fellow socialite Silver sussed Batman's true identity, and realising that Batman could not give the time needed for a proper relationship left him before he could leave her. Selina Kyle (Catwoman ) seems to have a good affect on Batman, when shes around he seems less broody and serious and conversely he keeps her criminal activities in check, a couple that always seem better together than apart.

Scarlett Witch and the Vision.

One of the more unusual relationships in comic books. Wanda Maximoff fell in love with the synthetic being known as the Vision while fighting alongside him as one of the Avengers superhero team. The Vision was originally created by Ultron the robot enemy of the Avengers to battle against them but the sentient Vision decided against that and became a key member of the team.

The Thing And Alicia Masters

Even though Alicia is blind, she can see beyond the monstrous looks of Ben Grimm and knows the decent human being that lies beneath the stony exterior. Earth has a lot to thank Alicia for , after being impressed with her beauty and kindness the Silver Surfer was convinced to plead with his master Galactus not to devour the Earth ( Fantastic Four # 48 - 50 ). Galactus agreed to spare the Earth the Silver Surfer was punished by his master by being trapped on Earth which led to him becoming a Global wanderer, forever trying to understand Earth and its people.

Daredevil And Elektra
Daredevil And Elektra

Daredevil And Elektra

Elektra Natchios has at various times been the love interest of Matt Murdoch ( Daredevil ) but the moralistic Daredevil has always had trouble coming to terms with the violent nature of the beautiful but deadly assassin.

Hank And Janet
Hank And Janet

Hank Pym And The Wasp

Scientist Hank Henry Pym has had various guises since first appearing in 1962, the tiny Ant Man to Giant Man and also Goliath and Yellowjacket. Pym marries his socialite laboratory assistant Janet Van Dyne and is able to shrink her to become the superheroine the Wasp and both characters Janet as the Wasp and Hank as Ant Man were original members of the Avengers. The couples relationship became strained over the years with Hank even striking his wife at one point in a controversial Avengers storyline and they would eventually divorce.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor
Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman And Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor was a US Military officer who became stranded on an island inhabited by the Amazons , Wonder Womans people. Stories involving Trevor were often a play on the damsel in distress story with the roles reversed.Trevor still appears in the DC Universe today as a liason officer to the Justice League.


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