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Superheroes Teach Life Lessons in New Action-Packed Picture Book

Updated on December 30, 2016
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Superheroes Inspire Perseverance for Young Children

All parents have challenges with young children who often do not get their way or have bad days. Choosing a fun read-aloud picture book with superheroes as characters who can teach perseverance in the face of challenges, can help with the tantrums that come with a bad day. Shelly Becker's new book, "Even Superheroes Have Bad Days", is a perfect book to read with your young children on their bad days. Young children experience a variety of emotions on bad days, and Becker's superheroes in this action-packed picture book demonstrate many emotions that young children demonstrate.

Becker writes with fun, rhyming text that conveys the many emotions that can arise in challenging situations and ways that superheroes meet these challenges. Becker's characters choose to ride their bikes to burn off steam, have victory feasts instead of pity parties, and find super-powers inside to control their sad or angry emotions. This fun read-aloud, picture book offers young children ideas that they can use to burn off steam.

Eda Kaban contributes her talents as an illustrator to provide large and colorful illustration for "Even Superheroes Have Bad Days". Young children will enjoy the variety of superheroes because they come in all sizes and shapes. The cartoon-like illustrations give entertaining facial expressions to all of the characters. Kaban's illustrations portray both evil characters and the superheroes who fight evil. Both girl and boy superheroes are portrayed. Young girls also need superheroes and Kaban's illustrations of the female superheroes are an important part of this picture book.

"Even Superheroes Have Bad Days" was published by Sterling Children's Books and has an ISBN of 9781454913948. It is recommended for ages 4-8.

Fun Read Aloud to Teach Coping Skills

Superheroes always get back up from a bad day
Superheroes always get back up from a bad day
Large and colorful illustrations
Large and colorful illustrations
Kaban includes girl power in her illustrations
Kaban includes girl power in her illustrations

Why Young Children Need Superheroes in Today's World

Young children can find superheroes in their favorite comics and cartoons on television. The superheroes in "Even Superheroes Have Bad Days' are portrayed in Kaban's illustrations as cartoon-like characters that young children will find appealing. Superheroes in comics and picture books tell stories about life challenges and how to persevere through the challenges. Our young children today face a myriad of challenges that their parents never faced. Entertaining picture books like Becker's new book are helpful choices in teaching life lessons.

Young children often root for the underdog in a challenging situation. Children who are bullied need superheroes to teach them to stand up to a bully. The variety of superheroes in this fun picture book come in all sizes and shapes and some are fighting bullies. Young children feel power in vicarious ways from superheroes in books and cartoons. They often play the part of their favorite superheroes to demonstrate the power that they get from reading about their superheroes.

Young children are able to learn a wealth of life concepts from their superheroes. They learn right vs. wrong concepts. Patience, confidence, and helpfulness can all be learned from superheroes. It is important for parents to ensure that their child's superheroes are age appropriate. Becker's "Even Superheroes Have Bad Days" is especially appealing to children from ages 4-8. Parents can have meaningful conversations with young children about what they learn from their superheroes. Young children will provide insights into what they learn from their superheroes.

The inclusion of female superheroes in this fun read aloud is especially important. Young girls face challenges even in kindergarten today and parents need tools such as this book to encourage daughters to learn coping skills at an early age. Young girls face bullying at an early age and the news is filled with daily stories of girls who are affected by bullying. Parents who use tools such as fun stories that feature female superheroes can influence the behavior that will come as daughters grow into teens and young adults. "Even Superheroes Have Bad Days" offers parents the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with young girls about experiences they may have with controlling emotions and talking about the ways that the female characters are helping to solve problems in the story.

Superheroes Overcome Challenges

Mad and sad days can be overcome.
Mad and sad days can be overcome.

Superheroes for Young Children

Do you have conversations with your young child about their superheroes?

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