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Superman and Lex Luthor

Updated on March 16, 2015

Superman and Lex Luthor

I had a story idea a few months ago with the premise being the evolution of a "villain" from his childhood in the ghetto to his conquest and eventual downfall. I've let the idea go, but there's one particular piece I wrote for it that I think is pretty darn good:

"The first time I ever saw a white man was when I was seven. I thought he was Superman. Dark hair, blue eyes, suit, glasses, just like Clark Kent in the comic books. Now, Superman was perfect. He was as good as good gets. I idolized Superman, and so I idolized white people. Do you see?

"Whites were the authority figures, the paragons of purity and righteousness. Then, I learned history. Clark Kent was a lie and Superman was a false god. I figured this out about the same time I discovered Lex Luthor. Now, he was rich, powerful, ruthless and brilliant -- but he was always human. He wanted power, and nothing else. And not even that false god was going to stop him.

"See, Lex Luthor is the truth about white folks. They'll do anything for power and control. Look at history, and you'll see it too. Superman is the false god of nobility and truth and purity, and Clark Kent makes him look just like any other white guy. All so that we would be programmed. Superman stopped being my hero. Lex Luthor opened my eyes. Do you see?"

This is an older fellow talking to the main character as a kid. Their talks are influential in the character's development from a victim mentality to a villain mentality. While I don't agree with what is said, I thought it was a curious way of looking at the Superman concept. I honestly don't know where this came from, but it's pretty intense. Just thought I'd share it before scrapping it.


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    • William Corpening profile image

      William Corpening 14 months ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      I love Supes! I just had a revelation of the darkest kind, and felt it had to get out of my head.

      I actually loved Clark Kent MORE than Superman. I imagined, as a kid, finding out that I had powers -- just as young Clark did.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing. I still like Superman though.

    • William Corpening profile image

      William Corpening 2 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      The premise of the original story was nothing "superheroic." It was about a kid who begins a life of crime in the inner city using what he's learned from comic books. He actually uses those zany criminal schemes to erect an empire of his own, then goes legit.

      There's no real moral to the story -- I don't do passion plays -- but the journey would have been a very interesting read, in my humble opinion.

    • cruelmessengers profile image

      Rod White 3 years ago from Bay Area/LA, California

      It's time to start creating more Black Superheros...