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Surrender To God

Updated on November 9, 2013

Joining the Divine

Surrender to God

Seeking to stop struggles and strife in life,

Use the spirit soul to connect with God,

Ready like a parent God will love you.

Remember God rules with Love not the knife,

Each day and each way God’s perfect not flawed,

Now I should say God will help you move through.

Do your best to stand strong through any strife,

Each a part and parcel of the true God,

Radiating real love that’s what we do.

Recognize God’s great power and link up,

Each loving spirit soul then will be free.

Detach from the destructive nature now,

Now take the time to find true love closeup,

Each sincere seeker will live happily,

Rising above struggles and strife somehow,

Remember God’s great love and then look up,

Use your divine insight and God you’ll see.

Share your bright shining light with others, wow!

I know that the word surrender does not sound like a "powerful" or "successful" term, and I agree. Therefore, I have to explain how I am using the word surrender in this context. I am using the word surrender as a way for one to give up doing what has not been working and moving forward with a more positive loving attitude.

We have a choice to keep fighting useless battles or take a different path where we see that if we recognize ourselves as part of the universe and trying to work with the universe for the betterment of all living beings. Surrendering means changing to improve one circumstance in this particular poem. In no way does it mean that the we are not winners in life.

I hope you enjoyed the poem and I wish you a great day.

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