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Surrounded buy the law

Updated on April 5, 2013

My buddies and I didn't have a place to stay for the night when we came to Baton Rouge. But we had a solution to our problem. We would just find a place along the side of the road to park the car and spend the night there in the car.

We had only been doing this for about three weeks or so when one night after our dates we all got in my car and went to find a place to park. We found an abandoned drive way off of Airline Highway just south of Old Hammond Highway. We had been there about two hours and in deep sleep when something woke me up. Someone was banging on the window. It took me a while to get my bearings and when I did, I found myself staring at the barrel of a shotgun.

I looked around and there were four shotguns pointed at the car. I heard the Sheriff say, "Put your hands up where I can see them." All four of us in the car had them up in the blink of an eye. Then he said, "Open the door slowly.” After we all emerged from the car, the Sheriff had us put our hands on the top of the car and we were frisked. Then he asked for some I.D.

It turns out there had been a robbery a short time earlier and the get away car was like ours. Thank goodness we had been there for some time and the engine was cold. The sheriff thanked us for our cooperation and left. Don't sleep in your car on the side of the road. You could wake up like we did.


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