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Surveillance of the Waiting Eyes pt. 4

Updated on March 21, 2013

The night grew older. Like what I expected, Maria was already greeting them— our awaited “guests”. They gave the impression of being so formal, so decent. Mr. Stone was wearing a tuxedo and next to him was a woman in a corporate. The two seemed to be having a deeper relationship. They entered holding hands and yes, smiles could be faked, but eyes couldn’t.

“Bonsoir, Monsieur Stone and Mademoiselle Chanel, welcome to the Big Tree & Fountain French Restaurant! This way, please.” I knew it; she was Ms. Chanel. Maria led them to their table which Oni had perfectly arranged for three— perfectly arranged for three perpetrators we would trap soon. But the other wasn’t here yet. Complete or not, show time had just begun.

Oni welcomed them. “Bonsoir, mademoiselle and for you too monsieur! I am Oni, your waitress for tonight. May I unfold you your table napkins?” She sounded so normal.

As I gazed at them from afar, I realized, we were not the only ones who made them a center of attention. The guests, particularly the females from a distant were engrossed at Ms. Chanel’s beauty and jewelries, since she really worn an expensive set.

Mr. Stone refused, so Oni presented them the beverage list. They ordered a bottle of Aqua Vitae de Brut. Now it was my time to have a closer look at them. I gave the bottle a wiggle-waggle. They were impressed. They allowed me to pour some to their glasses. At that moment, my mind started wandering.


I was upset of the fact that they used their skills for unrighteousness. If they hadn’t taken this path of living, they might have used it for the common good, like for social welfare. But at this certain flow of time, it’s really hard to say what is right or wrong. Men had entered the world full of uncertainties. Was it mainly for survival or for pure lust? Was it because of advancing technologies and liberalism that many opt to accept the things indecent rather unnatural as a part of normal living? I had always believed in law— that following this would result to peace and prosperity. Who should be blamed? Perhaps, Freud was right after all. People were unconsciously driven by their motives — of the id. It’s unexplainable why these things happened in our society. Was there an imbalance between our superegos and ids? When was the advent? We were said to have a government of law and not of men but that belief was always turned up-side down, twisted. It wasn’t only proven true among those who lived through the nighttime dealings but also in the daylight. It’s hard to know whose hands were stained with crimes and even of blood. It’s not easy to smell death when the air was already filled with it. Scary it was, more so for the children of tomorrow, who might be numbed for the injustices that they were willy-nilly to watch. My minutes of careful thoughts lost its control over me when the other guy who would occupy the third chair finally came.

It’s just disappointing, of how they used the privilege of reservation in this executive restaurant, and all that make-believe plans they had. “Sure, it was a business meeting, but it was illegal. Law is law! There’s no escape!”

Of course, for the sake of courtesy, I greeted him. “Bonsoir, monsieur.” Then he stared at me, somewhat communicating. Did he sense that I was an undercover? On his nose sat a thick pair of eye glasses, underneath was his beard, tidily trimmed. It took me few minutes to examine him. “Excuse me, am I too late for the evening?” he said flashily.



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