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Surveillance of the Waiting Eyes pt.3

Updated on March 17, 2013

Big Tree and Fountain French Restaurant


It was a call from the Big Tree and Fountain French Restaurant. Maria, the receptionist, had just accepted a reservation from Mr. Stein Stone, a renowned businessman. It’s my line of work. I had to go. When I arrived, Ms. Fatima, the manager and owner of the restaurant was already having a meeting with her staff, “… if there are things you wish to be au fait with, then, you can go to my office and let’s see if we can deal with it… Understood?” I only heard her clinching remarks. But Oni, my colleague, was there so I could care less. I told her why I was late. She just laughed at me.

For a girl, she’s not a type that’s into love and stuff like that. No wonder why she wanted to be called Oni instead of Tony, she was like someone who feels totally free even when she’s around a big crowd. She didn’t want to be tied up in any way. She did everything that pleased her. To me, she was a bright red flower — bold and adventurous.

The Bright Red Flower


She told me that we would be having very important guests for a business meeting and that we were assigned to do all the necessary preparations. Their table was at the smoking area. Since I was only knowledgeable in bartending, Oni did the other tasks that a restaurateur would love to see for an employee. It’s already past eight and the dining table was ready for the business meeting. The covers were all set. Also, she gathered every table appointments like flat wares, dinner wares that were in no doubt, clean and sanitized. The fresh linens were also spotless just like the glass wares that were all iridescent.The arrangement was indeed suited to the business meeting that would be after some more ticks of clock. I was in awestruck. It was hard to believe that she had that talent despite the fact that she was trained for law enforcement, social control and how should I call it...violence? Suddenly my thoughts changed when I saw shadows nearing the door of the restaurant.


“Is he the one?” , I asked .

“I think so… It was the very same name that boss gave us in his list. We could use our proximity to observe their moves closely.” , she made a quick reply. I wanted to inform her about the latest news I just had received from the head quarters but the restaurateur came. “Oh, Ms. Tony, You did a very good job! Is this for the reservation of Mr. Stone?”

“Yes Ma’am. It is.”

“Splendid!It seems that you never fail to impress me, Oni.” “I appreciate the complement, Ma’am, thanks...” She smiled, “Now, may I excuse?”

We had been in that resto for six months, working as undercover agents. For some reasons, each time I looked at Ms. Fatima, I caught myself into a strange feeling. Something bleak, I couldn’t put my finger on. Was she a close relative of someone that I put into jail from the past years of my service as an agent? Or was she a culprit who had a surgery for a disguise? It was her aura — there was no doubt about it.


When it’s enough for us to keep our privacy, I continued about how to execute the plan perfectly. “Mr. Stone seems to be a big whale of illegal doings that smuggles and sells firearms with a very high price and according to our sources he also has transactions with the Triple A Brothers, a worldwide organization of drug syndicate! The other one whom they would meet is also dangerous. He has something to do with the Yakuza. Anyway, boss also said that he’ll be here at the exact time. He said he’ll track him down and arrest them before they even leave. Let’s just hope that this will succeed. That big whale sure knows a lot!” Well I easily got carried away especially when we were at the midst of our mission.

Oni was frowning at me. In my surprise, she told me, “You know, being in an undercover mission isn’t a bad thing after all. Besides, I feel like a pro. Just like what I saw in the movie recently.”


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