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Surveillance of the Waiting Eyes pt.5

Updated on March 22, 2013

“Mr. Wong?” Mr. Stone looked at him inquisitively.

“Yes. Mr. Stein Stone?” the man asked him back.

Stein was delighted to see his guest. It maybe eased the tension that he was having because of the public. “Don’t mind it. Pleased to meet you.” He reached for his guest’s hand, “…this is Dana, my secretary and my fiancé.”

Mr. Wong turned to Dana, “Then, my old friend was right. You are young, beautiful and very gorgeous.” He kissed her hands. The lady seemed to be embarrassed but was able not to let things go out her head. “Oh why, thank you! Well Stein, it seems that Mr. Wong is an entertaining fellow.”

Stein was offended by the kiss, I saw it, but he didn’t let it spoil the evening. He invited his newly arrived guest for a shot of wine. I poured some to his glass and he nodded with satisfaction. I just laughed to myself and maybe Oni too. I had just talked to her through the radio. I told her about my good inquiry about the Mr. Wong that had just been seated and enjoying his wine.

It was now the 65th hour of the misunderstanding that I had with May. My cheeks weren’t hurt as before but my heart remained its gloom. I tried not to be preoccupied. Why did her father make that decision? It was because of him. He started it all. As far as I could remember, he gave us his approval already. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I respected him and I loved his daughter so much. Yet my blood ran faster, now that I had been seeing him face to face. He was the man who was occupying the third seat. Unaware, they were now being trapped by whom they believed to be Mr. Wong. There went one with crafty thoughts in his head — Billy Graft, my boss.

Stein raised his head from the linen that he had just unfolded. “Mr. Woo, your old friend, told me that you’re interested in guns and…”

Mr. Wong, or should I say Boss Billy interrupted the talk, “Oh that man, he sure talks a lot… Yeah, yeah, I was interested in all that, and not to brag hah! But, I got a collection of guns in my house. Starting from the very smallest pistol to the biggest! You can’t get those even in E-bay.” They laughed. If they only knew that the nice man at their front would bring them straight to jail. I couldn’t help but to imagine what might come next.

Oni walked toward their table and presented them the Carte du Jour. While the couple was discussing what food to choose from the choices of appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, desserts and after dinner drinks, Boss Billy was praising Oni about the aesthetic value of her table set-up. I never knew he had a sort of style! I never knew it till then, that he even had a good choice in fine cuisines.

At the same time, they were exchanging signals. I recalled I had told her about what Boss tried to do with my relationship with his daughter. I was just glad that she acted professionally at the subject. But they were so close and I sensed rather unusual about it. In whose side was she in favor? Her face might seem blank but was sometimes contradicting to her inside. She was hard to contemplate.


Oni collected the menu list and repeated her guest’s orders disdainfully. “All set, but before I go, I would like to repeat your orders. For the appetizer, monsieur Stone and Mademoiselle Chanel asked for Jansson’s Temptation, while Monsieur Wong asked for Vitello Tonnato. For the soup, Monsieur Wong asks for Alps ärter Med Flask, but the two of you, mademoiselle, monsieur, ordered Soupe du Jour of the house, the French Garbure. About the salad, mademoiselle, messieurs all of you ordered Salade Niçoise. For your principal courses, monsieur Stone ordered Fillet Mignon, while monsieur Wong and mademoiselle Chanel will have Poularde Derby. And for dessert, monsieur Stone shall have Charlotte Russe, monsieur Wong will have Mousse and mademoiselle Chanel, will be having Soupe de Fruite. And lastly mademoiselle Chanel will have the Mason’s Famous Green Tea, while the two messieurs will have Brewed Mocha Chocolata. Did I get it accurately, mademoiselle, messieurs?” They all nodded. “Well then, I’ll be back shortly.”


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